Accessibility Services


If you are a student with a disability, either temporary or permanent, please reach out to the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) at We are here to assist you to achieve your academic goals.

OAS works in partnership with the entire John Jay community to ensure access to all areas of campus life and arrange for appropriate academic adjustments, programs and services. We provide referrals to both on-campus offices and outside agencies to support students' success. 

New Guidelines and Important Reminders Pertaining to Accommodating Students with Disabilities at John Jay College

John Jay is committed to fostering equity for all students. This is consistent with our mission and required by a variety of state and federal laws, including Title II of Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which provides otherwise qualified students with a right of reasonable accommodation.

All faculty and staff play a key role in ensuring that the College meets its legal and policy obligations pertaining to students with disabilities.

Regardless of learning modality, it is imperative that students receive their required accommodations. The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is available to address the needs of students with disabilities, ensure equal access to higher education and provide reasonable accommodations and auxiliary aids for such students.

There are several new guidelines that require your immediate attention. Please follow the link below:

Register for Services (For students)

There are four key steps:

  1. Obtain medical documentation that meets the guidelines.
  2. Complete and submit the application.
  3. Email medical documentation and photo ID to
  4. Make an appointment to meet with your specialist.


Step 1 - Obtain Medical Documentation

Obtain medical documentation that meets the guidelines from a licensed professional. 

Documentation Requirements 

  • Actual scores from tests that are statistically reliable and valid and standardized for use with an adult population.
  • A narrative of your performance on the evaluation.
  • Evaluator’s name, title, professional credentials, and dates of the testing.
  • A clear diagnostic statement (can include DSM5 Axes) with a description of the duration and severity of the condition and the current impact of (or limitation imposed by) the disability within the college setting.
  • A statement regarding treatments or services used to minimize the impact of a disabling condition.
  • List of currently prescribed medications, if the side effects of such medications create barriers to learning.
  • Recommendations for academic adjustments that are validated by current documentation.
  • This report should be typed on letterhead that includes the professional’s name, professional credentials, contact information (address and telephone number), and dates of evaluation.


If you don’t have the above, please complete a Medical Provider Form-(have a medical provider complete this form only if you currently DO NOT have documentation). A hard copy is available in our office in suite L66 New Building or we can email the form upon request.

NOTE: A handwritten note or “prescription” cannot be accepted as documentation.

Step 2 - Complete and Submit Your Application

• Click here for the application

Step 3 - Email us your Medical Documentation and photo ID

• Send us your IEP (or 504 plan) and most recent evaluation (typically called a Psycho-Educational Evaluation).

Within two business days of receiving your application, medical documentation and  photo ID, we will email you further instructions and/or a request for additional documentation, or a link to arrange for an orientation/intake meeting.

Step 4 - Meet With Your Accessibility Services Specialist

  • Please come to your appointment prepared to discuss the nature of your disability, the impact your disability has on your learning, and the accommodations needed to help support your academic goals.
  • During this meeting, your specialist will review your documentation with you to determine your accommodations and review how to make requests for specific accommodations.  If you receive academic accommodations, your specialist will give you an accommodation card/letter to share with your instructors.


You are encouraged to meet with instructors to discuss the implementation of your accommodations.   

Office of Accessibility Services
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