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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides free psychological and counseling support services to meet the mental health and developmental needs of John Jay students.

If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation for on-going counseling (i.e., meeting with the same counselor once per week for several weeks), please email

If you would like a one-time appointment (consultation) or to speak with a counselor right away (crisis), please call 212-887-6239 or email Cory Head at

If you are in crisis after hours, please use these resources:

1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) or text “WELL” to 65173
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
NYC Samaritans: 212-673-3000

For questions about these services or to access any of these services, please email Gerard Bryant, Ph.D. at or Cory Head, Ph.D., at

CUNY Online Therapy - TalkSpace

CUNY provides free access to TalkSpace (an online therapy service with licensed mental health professionals) for students. Use password CUNY2021.

Note: There is no tracking information associated with use of this link and the email address will be securely transmitted to TalkSpace for access to the service. 


Togetherall is a free, safe, anonymous, online peer community to support your mental health. Click here to join with your academic email address.  

LGBTQ Crisis Hotlines & Services

LGBTQ Crisis Hotlines and Services | Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ( 

Spectra Resource Sheet 

John Jay Safe Zone

Safe Zone is a campus-wide program designed to visibly identify students, staff and faculty who support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex asexual and others (LGBTQIA+) people and who are willing to act as allies by learning more about the issues facing LGBTQIA+ communities. Offices that are identified as Safe Zones are staffed by individuals who have completed a Safe Zone training that goes over some basic knowledge needed to be an effective “safe” person for LGBTQIA+ students and people who are questioning their own sexual orientation or gender identity. Participants who have completed the training are given Safe Zone stickers/buttons and a placard. By wearing the Safe Zone symbols or posting the Safe Zone cards individuals are identifying themselves as people who are comfortable talking to LGBTQIA+ students about LGBTQIA+ related issues. In addition, by posting the Safe Zone sign or symbol, we are affirming that we:

  • Are an understanding, supportive and trustworthy listener
  • Believe that the campus is enriched by the presence of LGBTQIA+people
  • Are aware of the presence of LGBTQIA+students and colleagues
  • Can discuss issues in a nonjudgmental manner
  • Are willing to assist LGBTQIA+ students in finding information and resources
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality
  • Will use inclusive language, avoid stereotyping, and will not assume everyone is heterosexual
  • Challenge derogatory remarks when you hear them
  • Maintain clear, ethical boundaries
  • Will refer individuals to appropriate professional help when needed

To schedule a Safe Zone training for a department, please contact Betty Taylor Leacock, LMHC, in the Department of Counseling and Human Services, at 212-237-8140.

Additional Trainings

CUNY Safe Zone Training
Safe Zone Training – The City University of New York (

Third Party Ally Training
Ally Training — NoStigmas

The Safe Zone Project


Michael Scaduto
Associate Director, Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 212-237-8872

Check out the John Jay scholarships page for more information.

Scholarships and Resources for LGBTQIA+ Students

Click here for more information. 


Name Change Form
Gender Change Form

If you are currently going through the name change process and need immediate support, please text (‪646) 655 -7779 or email

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LGBTQI+ Related Policies

CUNY LGBTQI Related Policies
NCAA Transgender Policy
NCAA Transgender_Handbook
NCAA Common Ground

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