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Developmental Course Request Form 
Note: Developmental courses are used for developing course materials and structure for later use in live courses. DEV courses do not include student enrollment. 

Organization Request Form 

Brightspace Manual Enrollment Form (Send completed form to Associate Provost office for approval at: apfaculty@jjay.cuny.edu )

Course Merge Request Form 
Note: This form is for section merges only. Cross-listed courses, for example LAW 313 and POL 313, the LMS Team will be merging those courses manually under the prefix that is first alphabetically. In the above example, the LAW 313 would be the Target course where all materials and students would reside. 


Activate your course  - This will make your course available and visible to students! - (D2L Help) 

Export Course from Blackboard and Import Course into Brightspace  

Export Course from Blackboard and Import into Brightspace (video)

Copy Course Components 

Copy Course Components (video - D2L Help)

Note: Instructors must start the Course Copy within the current course. For example, if you want to copy Fall 2023 into Fall 2024 course, you will start the process in Fall 2024 course

Customize Course Nav Bar (D2L Help)

Build Your Brightspace Course from Scratch (D2L Help)



Course Availability 

Course Copy 

Course Menu Customization

Edit My Courses

Export/Archive and Import Course

Section Merge Tool

Update Course Name



View as Learner (D2L Help)

Brightspace Virtual Assistant (D2L Help)



Using Student Preview Mode



Navigate Content (D2L Help)

Navigate Content as a Learner (video - D2L Help)

Work To Do Widget (D2L Help)



Edit My Courses



Brightspace Virtual Assistant (D2L Help)

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