International Research Partnerships

International Research Partnerships

International Research Partnerships is tasked to enhance the global reach of John Jay' research strengths. We support our faculty investigators' work abroad and their collaborations with international donors, foreign governments, and university partners to promote capacity-building and justice reform worldwide.

We are dedicated to cultivating partnerships between researchers and scholars from institutions worldwide. Our office collaborates with institutions, organizations, and individuals to develop joint research projects, exchange programs, and training opportunities. 

At IRP, global collaboration is essential to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing global challenges. We work to foster international partnerships and facilitate research collaborations that span disciplines, borders, and cultures. We aim to create global opportunities for researchers to access new resources, tools, and expertise and help build global research capacity. 


Our services include: 

  • Matching researchers with suitable partners and institutions
  • Facilitating joint grant proposals and funding opportunities
  • Providing guidance and support for developing joint research projects and initiatives. 
  • Providing mentorship and training support for early career researchers 
  • Develop customized training programs for researchers to build skills and competencies relevant to their research fields. 

IRP also hosts an annual international research symposium, bringing together scholars and researchers worldwide to discuss emerging research challenges and innovative solutions. Our team comprises experienced professional staff with expertise in international relations, research funding, research development, grant proposal writing, compliance and ethics, and project management. 

We partner with institutions and organizations worldwide, providing opportunities for collaboration. We welcome inquiries and proposals from researchers and institutions. 

Please contact us to learn more about our services and how we can support you in developing successful international research collaborations. 

Contact: Hung-En Sung 
Director of International Research Partnerships