International Research Partnerships

International Research Partnerships

OIRP Mission & Staff Members

The Office of International Research Partnerships at John Jay College facilitates faculty investigators and other researchers in offering technical support to national governments and civil society groups worldwide through state-of-the-art research and capacity-building initiatives.  Our endeavors aim to advance public health, human rights, justice administration, public safety, climate action, and diversity, along with other critical issues, with the overarching goal of mitigating insecurity and injustice while enhancing governance and sustainability across nations.

Dr. Hung-En Sung - Director of International Research Partnerships

Dr. Joel Capellan - Fellow in Latin American Research Partnerships

Daniela Ayala - Administrative Officer

Marilyn Estevez - Development Officer


About OIRP


Drawing from extensive collaborations with federal, state, and local police forces, John Jay possesses a leadership position in police and forensic training. Our wealth of experience has translated into transnational technical assistance projects aiding law enforcement agencies and non-profit organizations.


Our projects include police reform programs, violence prevention, improved governance and capacity building throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our History

Established in 2019, the Office of International Research Partnerships (OIRP) at John Jay aims to amplify the global impact of our research. We facilitate collaborations with international entities, fostering capacity development and advocating justice sector reforms.


Here you will find the abstracts / summaries of reports, magazines, book chapters and articles published by our experts.