Climate Review

John Jay is committed to promoting a respectful and inclusive working and learning environment where everyone can thrive. To support that goal, in the spring semester of 2019 President Mason launched an externally-led, campus-wide climate review process. (See President Mason's announcement.)   The College partnered with external experts from Working IDEAL to lead that campus-wide process, which President Mason identified as “an essential next step in our continuing work to improve our campus climate, and, ultimately, boost student success.” Click here to view details about the Climate Review Process, which gathered input from the entire John Jay community through open sessions, interviews, and focus groups, as well as online feedback tools and survey data.

Based on their review and evaluation of our campus climate during the spring 2019 semester, Working IDEAL has submitted a report to the College, which includes their recommendations. The Climate Review Report aims to identify John Jay’s strengths, assess what they understand to be our challenges, and give us recommendations for how John Jay can seize opportunities to further strengthen our climate.  Work is already under way on some recommendations; some additional recommendations can be implemented in the near term, while others will require a longer term, and still others will need further study and consultation with our community. Feedback and suggestions on the report and recommendations, as well as next steps and implementation plans, are welcome from the John Jay community. Please share your thoughts at campus meetings with leaders, faculty, and staff, or via this feedback form

Please explore the content below to see a list of the recommendations organized by theme, as well as an overview of our progress in implementing or conducting further study and consultation around specific recommendations. 


Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress on Climate Review Recommendations – Spring 2021