Student Activity Fee Benefits

The student activity fee supports

  • extracurricular educational programs
  • cultural and social activities
  • recreational and athletic programs
  • student government
  • publications and other media such as the yearbook and student newspaper
  • budgets for registered student organizations
  • community service programs
  • transportation
  • student travel
  • commencement
  • orientation
  • cost of some staff members
  • student stipends in support of these activities

Student Activity Fee Support During Pandemic

  • Support of USS emergency grant
  • Virtual events (Seeing Rape, ASL Workshops, Playfair Orientation, Self-Care Workshops, Undocuchat Workshops, Graduate Studies Professional Development Workshops)
  • Telehealth services
  • Supporting services online (tax preparation codes)
  • Commemorating student achievements remotely
  • Stipends for peer programs (Career Educator Program, UMI Peer Advocate Program, Military & Veterans PROVE Intern Program, Civic Engagement Corps)
  • National Safety Council CPR/AED First Aid Training
  • Career Services internships
  • Student virtual travel
  • Covid-19 student relief funding
  • ECAC Esports

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