Our Faculty & Mentors

A list faculty members at John Jay who serve as PRISM research mentors and their research interests

Faculty Mentor Area of Expertise
Aftab Ahmad, DS.c Object-oriented programming, computer architecture, data communications, and forensic security
Anthony Carpi, Ph.D. Environmental chemistry and science education
Leslie Chandrakantha, Ph.D. Statistics, Regression Analysis and Logistic Regression, Time Series Analysis, and Computer Simulation
Elise Champeil, Ph.D. Synthetic chemistry and bioorganic chemistry
Shu-Yuan Cheng, Ph.D. Toxicology, pharmacology, molecular biology, and neuroscience
Marta Concheiro-Guisan, Ph.D. Forensic and clinical toxicology
Angelique Corthals, Ph.D. Pathology, biomedical and physical anthropology, and archeology
Lissette Delgado-Cruzata, Ph.D., MPH Epigenetics and cancer epidemiology
Artem Domashevskiy, Ph.D. Biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology
Sam Graff, Ph.D. Computer Science
Yi He, Ph.D. Analytical chemistry and environmental sciences
Shweta Jain, Ph.D. Wireless and social networks, Delay tolerant networks
Hunter Johnson, Ph.D. Mathematical logic
Ekaterina Korobkova, Ph.D. Biochemistry, biophysics, and physical chemistry
Thomas Kubic, JD, Ph.D. Light and electron microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, and image analysis to physical evidence examinations
Nathan Lents, Ph.D. Cell biology, forensic biology, genetics, and bioinformatics
Richard Li, Ph.D. Forensic DNA analysis, forensic molecular biology, and forensic genetics
Helen-Marie Maras, Ph.D. Cybersecurity, surveillance, counterterrorism, and transnational security
Fatma Najar, P.h.D Machine learning applications, human-computer interaction, and natural language processing
Muath Obaidat, Ph.D. Network security and forensics, wireless security, IoT security and privacy
Ana Pego, Ph.D. Physiopathology and Toxicology
Mechthild Prinz, Ph.D. Forensic Biology and forensic genetics
Gloria Proni, Ph.D. Supramolecular and molecular chirality, optical spectroscopy, and synthesis and characterization of small molecules
Jason Rauceo, Ph.D. Molecular biology, molecular genetics, and mycology
Marcel Roberts, Ph.D. Electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and analytical chemistry
Jennifer Rosati, Ph.D. Forensic entomology, biology, entomology, ecology, entomotoxicology, and insect behavior
Linda Rourke, M.S. D-ABC Criminalistics
Daniel Yaverbaum, M.S. MPhil Physics education and cognition, Galilean and special relativity, and astronomy
Guoqi Zhang, Ph.D. Inorganic/organometallic chemistry, chemical catalysis, forensic chemistry, and metallic anticancer drugs