Resources for PRISM Faculty Mentors

As a PRISM faculty mentor, the guidance and support you provide to your students will last long after they graduate. To support your continued commitment to our student researchers, we gathered a broad range of mentoring materials housed in the PRISM office. Stop by anytime to peruse or borrow these resources. If you do not find what you are looking for or have a suggested resource, please contact Dr. Sanabria-Valentin, PRISM Associate Director.


  • Critical Mentoring: A Practical Guide (Updated Edition) by Torie Weiston-serdan. Stylus Publishing: Virginia, 2017
  • Mindset: The New Philosophy of Success by Carol Dweck, PhD. Ballantine Books: New York, 2016
  • A Handbook on Mentoring Students in Undergraduate Research: Proven Strategies for Success edited by Aida Egues, Elaine Leinung, Diana Samaroo, Lin Zhou, Pamela Brown, Julia Jordan, Janet Liou-Mark and Reginald Blake. Undergraduate Research Committee of the NYCCO of CUNY: New York, 2016
  • Active Assessment: Assessing Scientific Inquiry by David I. Hanauer, Graham F. Hatfull, and Deborah Jacobs-Sera.  Springer: New York, 2009
  • Assessment of Chemistry edited by John Ryan, Ted Clark, and Alexis Collier.  Association for Institutional Research: Tallahassee, 2010
  • Education Outreach and Public Engagement by Erin Dolan. Springer: New York, 2008
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Mentoring Relationships: A Handbook for Women in STEM by Donna J. Dean. Springer: New York, 2009
  • Mentoring and Diversity: Tips for Students and Professionals for Developing and Maintaining a Diverse Scientific Community by Thomas Landefeld. Springer: New York, 2009

Digital Resources