Project Closeouts

Award Closeout Process

In order to make the reporting and closeout process as smooth as possible, please follow the steps listed below. You are welcome to meet with OAR’s Grants Manager to review your account and the closeout process.

Final Financial and Progress reporting are usually due within 90 days of the project end date for federal projects, and often times within 30-60 days of expiration for private and State/City projects.

  1. Final Financial Reports require the PI to do the following immediately after the award end date, so that your Research Foundation Project Administrator can prepare the Final Financial Report on your behalf in a timely manner:
    • Submit all expenses incurred within your grant budget dates for payment immediately.
    • Make sure that all encumbrances are paid out and cleared (payroll: timesheets submitted and remaining ePAF encumbrances terminated; & OTPS: payment requests submitted with invoices marked final).
    • Advances (travel, petty cash, etc.) and P-card charges should be fully reconciled.
  2. Final Progress and Technical Reports should be submitted to the sponsor as instructed in your grant/contract agreement. Most federal sponsors have grants management systems (e.g. DOJ, NSF, NIH, etc.) that require the grants office to approve and sometimes upload reports on the PI’s behalf.  Please submit the complete report to OAR at least five business days prior to the deadline to ensure timely submission to the sponsor.  If submitting on your own directly to the sponsor, please cc the OAR Grants Manager and provide a copy of the report(s) for our records.
  3. No-Cost Extension: If you choose to request a no-cost extension, please contact OAR immediately with your request. Sponsors require that the request be made and justified before the grant end date (often at least one month before the end date).
  4. Other Requirements: Other more specific closeout requirements are sometimes requested by the sponsor, if so, the Grants Manager will contact the PI with those requests beforehand.
  5. For additional details, please visit RF’s Closing Out an Award webpage.