Managing Your Awards

Congratulations on receiving your award! The post-award team within the Office for the Advancement of Research (OAR) assists faculty and staff with the financial and contractual administration of their grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts, while navigating the many nuances of sponsor regulations. The team serves as a liaison between Principal Investigators (PIs), the Research Foundation of CUNY (RF), and external sponsors.

The RF’s website ( is the main portal for processing day-to-day transactions on your project and viewing live budget and expense reports. The website houses various e-systems to facilitate the hiring of project staff, contracting of external consultants/vendors, processing of reimbursement requests, and many more tasks. Below are some helpful links to aid you in efficiently managing your new award.

Getting Started




The OAR post-award team is available to answer any questions and help troubleshoot issues, and to provide one-on-one trainings to all PIs. For more information, please contact the team:

Amrish Sugrim-Singh, Director of Grants, Budgets & Special Projects
Cherryanne Ward, Grants Administrative Associate
Kuralay Zharmagambetova, Grants and Research Budget Analyst









Account Setup and General Information




For more information, contact 



Summer Salary

Turning academic expertise into a sunny blend of research and relaxation

Release Time

 Empowering educators with dedicated moments to innovate and excel beyond the confines of regular duties

Project Closeouts

Celebrating the culmination of academic endeavors with strategic reflection and forward momentum