Thomas Kubic
Associate Professor & Doctoral Program Director of Forensic Science in the Ph.D in Criminal Justice Program
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2003    PhD           City University of New York (Criminal Justice, Forensic Science)
1997    M. Phil       City University of New York (Criminal Justice)
1979    J.D             St. John's University (Law)
1974    M.S.           C.W. Post College (Chemistry)
1967    B.A.           Chemistry (Chemistry)


Dr. Kubic's research interests include the following:
1. Application of X-ray Diffraction to problems of transfer evidence especially soils, paints, etc. particularly qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixtures. Advanced methods of quantitative analysis are of special interest.
2. Identification and Individualization of Cosmetics by Chromatography, ATR-FT/IR, and Microscopy.
3. Dust Identification and Analysis by PLM and SEM/EDS.
4. Individualization of Synthetic Fibers by Thermal Microscopy.
5. Identification of Ball Point Inks on Papers by micro ATR-FT/IR, and analytical pyrolysis.
6. Individualization of automobile oils and grease by fluorescence spectroscopy and HPLC.
7. Fluorescence Spectroscopy applications to criminalistic problems.
8. Studies of environmental contamination issues applicable to the SEM/EDS GSR technique.
9. Application of Micro-X-ray fluorescence inside SEM sample chambers for micro evidence characterization.
10. Forensic Applications of automated image analysis.
11. Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography and Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry to forensic transfer evidence evaluation.
12. Capillary Electrophoresis applied to Transfer Evidence Analysis.