Accelerated Dual Degree in Computer Science and Information Security and Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity

BS/MS dual admission, accelerated program based on two existing programs, the BS in Computer Science and Information Security and the MS in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, which will enable our Computer Science majors to pursue undergraduate and graduate education concurrently within a five-year time frame.  This dual admission program will provide an opportunity for outstanding and determined undergraduate computer science majors not only to obtain advanced knowledge and skills but accelerate obtaining their master’s degree and to advance their career goals.

Class equivalencies

If you are part of Dual Accelerated Program, you need to take the Graduate Equivalent courses as per the table below.  If you decide not to pursue this program, these courses will be used for your undergraduate equivalent courses.

Undergraduate Graduate
CSCI 379 Computer Networking FCM 740 Data Communications & Forensic Security
CSCI 360 Cryptography and Cryptanalysis FCM 741 Applied Cryptography
CSCI 411 Computer Security and Forensics FCM 710 Architecture & Vulnerabilities of Operating Systems
CSCI 412 Network Security & Forensics FCM 742 Network Security

Sample Course Planner

The course planner will provide you a draft planner for the program.