Academic Roadmap

Your Academic Roadmap is a comprehensive plan that outlines the realistic milestones you need to graduate and choose a career or enter a graduate program. You will gain the skills needed to:

  • Connect to the John Jay community
  • Plan an academic path that supports your career goals and graduating in four years
  • Expand your experience through internships, hands-on research, on-campus jobs, and more

Freshman Year

  • Connect with students, professors, and campus events
  • Engage your advisors and academic supports to complete 30 credits with a good GPA
  • Explore your strengths
  • Learn more

Sophomore Year

  • Develop a network of supportive peers, professors, and mentors
  • Research majors and minors and make the choice that is right for you
  • Further develop your academic and professional networks
  • Learn more

Junior Year

  • Add potential employers to your network
  • Review and update your academic and career plan
  • Complete a career-related internship or research project

Senior Year

  • Use your network connections
  • Employ campus resources to apply for graduate school or employment
  • Complete a capstone course that develops your skills