Transfer Milestones

Meeting Your Milestones

As a transfer student, you have a unique college story. You've accomplished a lot at your previous institution and now want to accomplish even more. This is why you've chosen John Jay: A John Jay diploma is part of your academic journey toward a successful and meaningful career. The Transfer Student Success Team in Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) is excited to be part of your academic journey and provide guidance and support towards your post-graduate goals, whether that includes beginning your career after graduation or continuing on to graduate school. Your academic journey is about getting you to where you want to be, and there are three main actions you need to take.

Connect to the John Jay community

Build relationships with peers, faculty, and staff to develop your network. Developing a network of mentors will help you reach your academic and career goals. You’ll discover special academic and professional opportunities, gain valuable advice, and get letters of recommendation for graduate school and internships.

Your next steps:

  • Join a student club or organization, or start a study group.
  • Find at least one partner in each class to exchange notes and study.
  • Connect with your professors: they are there to support you in your academic journey.
  • Join us for Transfer Bridge for Success, a hybrid, workshop experience that will connect you to faculty and fellow transfer students so you feel prepared for academic success in your first semester and beyond. 
  • Learn more about SASP Transfer Programs

Plan your academic and career path

Having a plan is crucial to staying on track. Confirm your choice of major and consider adding a minor to explore another specialization and make yourself more marketable in the workforce. Strengthen the connections between your college experience and your academic goals by planning ahead, seeking out research opportunities and creating an integrated academic and career plan.

Your next steps:

  • Meet with an academic advisor to ensure you are on track to graduate.
  • Speak with a major advisor to orient yourself to your major.
  • Think about your post-graduate goals and create a plan to achieve them.
  • Update your resume with the help of a career counselor at the Center for Career and Professional Development.
  • Research opportunities for internships and volunteer positions in upcoming semesters; many opportunities require you to apply a semester in advance.

Expand your view of what you can do while at John Jay

Enrich your academic experience and ensure your future success by utilizing campus resources. Select and apply for a special opportunity program and let that internship, research, or leadership opportunity tell a powerful story about you.Take part in the Transfer Students' Speed Networking.

  • Use your John Jay email to be "in the know" about upcoming events and special opportunities.
  • View our SASP Transfer Programs and Events Calendar regularly and join us for our upcoming events!
  • Follow us on social media! Check out our Instagram page to stay in the loop about all things transfer!

With each milestone met along your journey, you are enriching the story you can tell employers, internships, or graduate schools.