Academic Journey

The Academic Journey Roadmap is a comprehensive plan that outlines the realistic milestones you need to graduate and choose a career or enter a graduate program. You will gain the skills needed to CONNECT to the college community (peers, faculty, and staff), PLAN your academic path towards your career goals and graduate in four years, and EXPAND your experiences by exploring your strengths and participating in internships, on-campus jobs, and other special opportunities.

Find out how to achieve your

Roadmap at a Glance

Freshman Year

  • Connect with students, professors, and campus events
  • Get advising and academic support to complete 30 credits with a good GPA
  • Explore your strengths

Sophomore Year

  • Develop a network of supportive peers, professors, and mentors
  • Research majors and minors and make the choice that is right for you
  • Build your professional skills by completing workshops, internships, leadership or research opportunities

Junior Year

  • Add potential employers to your network
  • Review and update your academic and career plan
  • Complete a career-related internship or research project

Senior Year

  • Use your network connections
  • Use campus resources when applying for graduate school or career positions
  • Complete a capstone course that develops your skills

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