Advanced Decision Making

Advanced Information Gathering & Decision Making

The major task of a police investigation is typically to collect, asses and utilize a great variety of sources of information that provide accounts of crime. Closely related to the process of information retrieval is the decision making that follows. The main challenge to investigators is to make important decisions. A lot of information, much of which may be of unknown reliability, needs to be amassed and digested. The general literature in decision making psychology shows us that these are conditions that may lead to biases in thought processes, and consequently decision making. Recognition of the potential for these problems can lead to the development of procedures to reduce their likelihood. Current training focuses on investigators as decision makers, with the aim of highlighting how the perception of information can influence the decision making process. Training on this topic currently focuses on achieving Evidence Based Practice through process and context informed decision making, including the internal cognitive processes of the decision maker as the primary point of focus in any decision making context, and the external situation i.e. crime scene analysis.​

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