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Law Enforcement RESilience Training
Training in this area focuses on acquisition and fine-tuning of critical skills that allow first responders to become resilient and positive practitioners. Participants will gain valuable insights on the science of resilience and engage in practical exercises to build both Mental and Emotional resilience skills, get out of burnout, and sustaining a flourishing life of purpose and renewed energy. Course Details




Certificate in Investigative Psychology
This course aims to highlight how we may apply psychology to the specific applied area of crime scene analysis. The focus of the course will be on the sub-field of offender profiling and crime scene analysis, and the main psychological principles upon which offender profiling is based will be outlined. Course Details




Advanced Information Gathering & Decision Making
Current training focuses on investigators as decision makers, with the aim of highlighting how the perception of information can influence the decision making process. Training on this topic currently focuses on achieving Evidence Based Practice through process and context informed decision making, including the internal cognitive processes of the decision maker as the primary point of focus in any decision making context, and the external situation i.e. crime scene analysis.​ Course Details

Training Partners

Dr Salfati has provided in-depth training courses internationally to numerous law enforcement agencies, as well as other agencies in the broader criminal justice and health fields. Some of the most recent include:

  • FBI National Academy
  • FBI Behavioral Science Unit
  • FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit
  • US Army Military Police School
  • US Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • New York City Police (NYPD)
  • New Jersey Police & Attorney General's Office
  • Chicago Police (CPD)
  • UK Police
  • Justice Clearing House
  • Moderna

For other keynote talks and presentations to other organizations, see Talks.

Training & Research

In addition to the courses listed above, the IPRU also collaborates directly with law enforcement agencies on both tailored training courses, as well as research. Organizations with specific training or research needs can contact us for individually tailored workshops. Please contact us on for more information.