Multimedia Classroom FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is a smart classroom? 

A smart classroom is multimedia-capable, providing video projection, Internet access, and DVD/VCR playback capabilities in a classroom setting for faculty members. Smart classrooms allow faculty instant access to the most frequently used types of media equipment for high quality multimedia materials for classroom and online course presentation.

2.  Where can smart classrooms be found?

Smart classrooms are located across the campus in the North Hall, Westport, New Building and the Haaren Hall buildings. 

3.  What is an ePodium?

An ePodium is a podium with the equipment needed to utilize multimedia materials: a DVD/VCR combination player, a computer, and sound amplification. The podium is connected to a ceiling-mounted projector for display purposes, and Internet access is provided..

4.  How do I use an ePodium?

Basic instructions are provided. More extensive training can be arranged through CLSS. Please contact the DoIT Help Desk for an appointment ( or tel. ext. 8200)

5. What is the "touch panel"?

The "Touch Panel" is our new user-friendly touch-screen control device mounted on top of the podium/lectern in our smart classrooms for Haaren Hall and the New Building.

6.  How do I adjust the dound?

Only the volume can be adjusted. The volume control is on the  "touch panel" device.

7.  What if I need an application that is not installed on the computer?

For all software installation requests, please contact the DoIT Help Desk ( or tel. ext. 8200). 

8.  Do all the devices need to be turned on if the computer is the only device needed?

No, if the PC is the only device being used for class, it is not necessary to turn on the DVD/VCR player or the amplifier.

9.  Do I need to turn the computer on or off?

No, the computer should always be on and is set to revert to standby mode when not in use.

10.  What can be done if the orojector does not turn on?

Please contact the DoIT Help Desk. Using the classroom telephone, dial 2 for immediate service.

11.  Why did the projector turn off in the middle of my presentation?

If the projector becomes too hot it will automatically shutdown. Please wait 5 minutes before turning it back on.

12.  I did everything correctly and it still does not turn on! Why?

If the projector will not turn on at all, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. Using the classroom telephone, dial 2 for immediate service.

13.  What should I do at the end of the class?

Please turn off all devices, except the computer. Turning off the projector is especially important, as this will allow the projector to cool down for the next class period.


Please contact the DoIT Help Desk for emergency assistance.

Using the classroom telephone, dial 2 for immediate service.

Updated: 08/26/2019

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