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UNITAR Global Diplomacy Initiative programme provides a rare opportunity for students to learn about diplomacy from diplomats themselves. Although there is no shortage of courses on global politics and policies, few (if any) provide this education in the context of first-hand experience – experience the United Nations is uniquely situated to provide.

Through this method students will gain an understanding of current global issues, and of the shaping of things to come - on the scene, as they happen. The instructors will be current and former UN ambassadors, diplomats and delegates, with material covering a range of global issues from the past, present and future. In keeping with the spirit of this “real-world” learning methodology, courses will blend classroom instruction with observation of UN General Assembly sessions and other UN forums. Students will develop a global political perspective through a first-hand look at the modern statecraft.

The understanding of global leadership provided by this programme is something few ever experience - a diplomatic education that is personal and in-depth. This breadth of understanding is complemented by its depth, so that even often overlooked aspects of leadership are considered by better understanding the lives of the leaders themselves.

The UNITAR program would be an extraordinary opportunity for ICJ students! For those considering enrolling in this program, the Office of Graduate Studies will consider approving the transfer of the credits as external credit once you complete the course/training. More information and a proposed schedule is attached. Accepted students will be working with Dr. Katarzyna Celinska as she coordinates this work with UNITAR, and upon her recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies, you will receive EXTERNAL CREDIT (3 credits as an elective course) toward your MA degree!

The Spring 2024 program deadline is Friday, February 23, 2024.

For more information on the Spring 2024 Cohort program, please see below details:

UNITAR Global Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) Programme, Fall Cohort

For more information, please visit the following link:

UNITAR Global Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) Programme, Spring Cohort

March 8, 2024 – April 25, 2024


See the full program brochure below!

UNITAR GDI Spring 2024
Spring 2024 Program Brochure

For more details on the UNITAR program including class structure, schedule, instructors, please view the brochure.

UNITAR GDI 2023-2024
Fall 2023 Program Brochure

For more details on the UNITAR program including class structure, schedule, instructors, please view the brochure.

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