Our student organizations reflect the diversity of our community. Contact an organization below to join!

If you are interested in starting a club, you can find the information here. The deadline to submit the new club paperwork for the Fall 2023 semester is October 20, 2023.

Association of Latine Professionals for America (ALPFA) ~ @alpfa.jjay
Aims to provide students with professional development and leadership opportunities - inclusive to all backgrounds and majors!

Anthropology Club
The purpose of this club is to enhance the anthropological interest & awareness of the John Jay community. Our mission is to educate and provide opportunities for students involved in the Anthropology field through panels, workshops, and conferences, etc. We will be fulfilling our goals by collaborating with the Anthropology Department in planning events.

Computer Science Society ~ @jjccomputerscience
Unifying John Jay students and faculty who are interested in the field of computer science. Using our knowledge and skills we have learned from various computer classes to help the community better understand computers and computing.

Forensic Science Society ~ @jjayfss
Forensic Science Society aims to promote a safe space and stress free zone for Forensic Science students and those interested in the Forensic Sciences. They also strive to hone networking and social skills amongst people from diverse backgrounds.

John Jay Sentinel ~ @jjcsentinel
The student run newspaper at John Jay College of Criminal Justice serves the students and faculty by reporting news involving and relevant to the campus community and surrounding areas. 

Law Society ~ @jjclawsociety
Creating essential programs and services for aspiring legal professionals, through education and community programs. 

Game Club ~ @graphicnovelclub
We are a club at John Jay College that thrives to make a safe space and community for those to indulge in their nerd ways. Some mediums include but are not limited to; anime, comics, and video games.

John Jay Singers
A group of singers who come together to join our voices in peace, harmony, and love. Each and every one of us have grown a passion for singing in which for many it had become a hidden talent. Our mission here is to be able to touch one's heart with our voices and our unity as well as give others such as students, alumni, faculty and staff a chance to sing.

Poetic Society ~ @jjay_poeticsociety
The Poetic Society is dedicated to the cultivation of artistic and creative minds, and provides an environment through which the creative works of students can flourish and come to its full potential. The Society gives opportunities to peers that review creative works and share thoughts and ideas.

Theatrical Players  ~ @jjctheatricalplayers
Theater productions written and performed by students; American College Theater productions, collaborations with the Theater Arts Department.

Universal Image Dance Team ~ @jjcuniversalimage
We are a dance team ran by students that specialize in diverse genres of dance such as Hip-Hop, Latin, Modern, and African. We aim to share the culture and knowledge of these dance genres with the John Jay community through performances and workshops. Email: universalimage@jjay.cuny.edu

African Student Association (ASA) ~ @asajjay
A student organization dedicated to diversity, friendships, memories, and enjoyment across African culture.

Arab Student Union (ASU) ~ @asu.jjay
Introducing the diversity of Middle Eastern culture through food, film, lectures, music, presentations and dance. 

Asian Pacific Islander Studewnts Association (APISA) ~ @johnjayapisa
Despite making up 10% of the student body, Asian students at John Jay College lack access to a platform that offers support specific to their identity. The Asian Pacific Islander Students Association aims to create a space for its students to explore and share their individual experiences as an Asian student at John Jay College.

Black Student Union (BSU) ~ @bsu.jjay
The purpose of Black Student Union is to foster an environment whereby students can be introduced to black history, culture, and politics in order to provide a more complete sense of self-consciousness, education, black unity, and respect through participating in social and political functions on and off campus that provide enrichment and enlightenment.

Desi Society @jjcdesisociety
Introduction to the diversity of Desi culture through events, performances, lectures, food and cultural festivals.

International Students Association (ISA) ~ @johnjayisa 
Assisting international students in their transition from their respective countries to the John Jay community and serving as a platform for cross cultural exchange.

JJ DREAMers ~ @jjdreamers
We advocate for the rights and ensure the justice of the undocumented community. Our purpose is to provide documented and undocumented students with a safe haven to meet and discuss current social issues that are affecting the John Jay Undocu/DACA community and form possible solutions.

Students for Justice in Palestine @johnjaysjp
We aim to develop a student movement that is connected, disciplined, and equipped with the tools necessary to build grassroots momentum for Palestinian liberation.

Veterans Association ~ @johnjayveterans
A network for student veterans, dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of students with prior/current military associations building a community for the veterans of John Jay open to the community of John Jay. 

West Indies Massive ~ @jjaywestindiesmassive
A student organization dedicated to celebrating and informing the student body of the various cultures of the Caribbean nations.

Active Minds ~ @activemindsjjay
Our purpose is to reduce the stigma toward people living with mental illness so that students will feel more comfortable seeking help when it is needed and openly discussing mental- health related issues, resources available on campus and surrounding communities. Email: activeminds@jjay.cuny.edu

Environmental Club ~ @enviroclub_jjay 
Our purpose is to make John Jay more environmentally friendly by increasing awareness of environmental issues, conducting various recycling programs, and participating in outdoor activities where students will appreciate the environment.

International Criminal Justice Club ~ @icj_jjay
The purpose of this organization shall be to educate and inform students about  International and transnational crimes. The organization will also seek to encourage volunteerism and active participation in creating awareness against the aforementioned crimes. Regular meetings will be hosted to participate in various activities and to also plan events.

Leading Womxn of Tomorrow ~ @lwtjjay
A student run, bipartisan initiative that seeks to encourage more young women to consider careers in public service with the aim of bridging the gender gap among public representatives.

Legally Conscious ~ @legallyconsciousjjay
A student-led initiative at John Jay College dedicated to learn me about the relationship between law and society through multi- and cross-major discussion.

Mock Trial Association ~ @jjcmocktrialassociation
A network that unites students interested in refining their advocacy skills through participation in simulated trials.

Spectra @jjcspectra
A judgment free and safe environment for the LGBTQ community and their straight allies to meet and interact. Creating a positive representation of the LGBTQ through the sharing of information, dialogue and events.

United Nations Student Association (UNSA) ~ @unsa_jjay
Promote knowledge and awareness of the United Nations and the international system; provide an atmosphere for learning and understanding the process of developing foreign policy. 

Habitat for Humanity ~ @jjchabitat 
Raising awareness from affordable housing issues to homelessness relief and the improvement of NYC living conditions with a commitment to helping increase living standards from the John Jay community 

Delight Ministries ~ @delight_johnjay
Delight seeks to establish a college women’s community that grows together, serves together, learns together, and does life together while chasing the heart of God. We are intentional about learning from one another through personal testimonies while potentially discovering or continuing to grow in relationships with Christ.

Hillel ~ @johnjayhillel
Creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment; fostering student growth and balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human through community events and cultural expression. 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty. We welcome students into caring, diverse communities, where they can build friendships and explore Christian faith in the marketplace of ideas.

Muslim Students Association (MSA) ~ @johnjaymsa
Social group for students of diverse ethnicities to maintain and increase their faith in a college environment; an outlet in which to express their creativity and ideas; a tool by which non-Muslims and Muslims alike can learn about Islam and eradicate stereotypes with regards to Islam.

John Jay Jiu Jitsu ~ @jiujitsu282
This organization is meant to provide the students of John Jay a method of self-defense, as well as provide a safe environment to practice the sport of jiu-jitsu. 

Martial Arts Club ~ @jjaymartialartsclub
A student organization that specializes in providing free classes and support to students who want to learn martial arts, especially Goju Karate and Judo.

Sometimes, registered student organizations are unable to meet compliance and fall out of the ability to program and receive funding. If any of the below organizations sound up your alley, and you'd like to help revive them, please fill out the Pre Certification form and submit it to csil@jjay.cuny.edu for next steps.

Artists United 
Music lovers with a keen interest in musical expression & arrangements at John Jay.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Boxing Club
To practice, train and understand the fundamentals of boxing while providing accessibility to the John Jay community.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Food Security Advocates Club
This club is committed to educating John Jay students on the importance of addressing food insecurity amongst the John Jay community. Upon the arrival of students, one of our principal goals is to help conjoin the ideas of other club members to help influence others and become advocates for food justice.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Forensic Anthropology
The primary purpose of this organization shall be to educate the John Jay community about the field of forensic anthropology, the study of human remains. The goal of this organization is to inform students about potential careers in forensic anthropology and to network with other students interested in the field.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Haitian American Students Association
Celebrating the comingling of both Haitian and American culture and the resulting melting pot through music, dance, lectures, fundraising and cultural celebrations.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association)
ISACA's main purpose is to create and provide opportunities for John Jay studetns to learn beyond the classroom, and to be able to network with IT professionals. They provide a platform for networking opportunitieis and help JJ students grow profiessionally.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

JJ Productions
Help students understand the many different parts of producing audio and videos through lectures, meetings, projects and networking events.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

John Jay DREAMers
Educate and unify the student body on immigration issues, seek to represent and protect the needs and aspirations of students both documented and undocumented. 
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

John Jay Radio
Seeking to promote and foster knowledge of American Broadcasting and other forms of media, through events, music, programming, collaborations and education.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Korean Student Association
Providing seminars and events to enrich the understanding of Korean culture and how it affects being a Korean American student.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

La Voz
In conjunction with the Latin American Studies Department, LVC strives to bring awareness to issues affecting Latinos in the US, throughout Latin America and in Latino communities, the voice of the community. 
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Latin American Student Organization
Encourage the interaction with the John Jay community while empowering the student body, to connect with their roots, and furthering human rights and political awareness in America.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer 

PAM (Photography, Artistry, & Modeling) 
The purpose of this organization shall be to embolden those with an interest in photography and modeling by bringing theme into the world of 2D art. Our goal is to educate our members about the various techniques, styles, and genre of photography by giving them opportunity to study multiple mediums. We will allow our members to grow their skills by way of workshops and various interactive activities in a friendly environment.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Philosophy Club
This club will encourage student members to think critically and will foster philosophical thought. Moreover, the club will seek to show the potential of philosophy as a career.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

SEEK Society
Promote community building and leadership among the SEEK and non-SEEK students through networking, professional development, events and more.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Socially Awkward
To build communities of self-acceptance within various educational institutions and achieve its purpose through anti-bullying campaigns, academic and philanthropic endeavors.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Students Without Borders
The mission of Students Without Borders is aimed at raising awareness of human rights violations by observing international laws and standards of international organizations.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Women in Tech
Engages, encourages, and emboldens women involved in technology. The tech field is rapidly growing and it's important that the students at John Jay have the opportunity to gain insights into industry and to network with respected professionals.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

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