Flyer for CSIL Trailblazers
Fall 2023
Trailblazers Leadership Program

Bloodhound Trailblazers Leadership Series: This series is designed for incoming students who would like to advance their leadership skills and begin learning more about themselves.

Flye for the Men of Color Leadership Series
Fall 2023
Men of Color Leadership Series

The Men’s Leadership series will offer a safe and brave community for Men of Color and provide opportunities for participants to network and connect with professional mentors, including faculty, staff and alumni, and like-minded peers while exploring the topic of leadership. 

Flyer for Virtual Readiness Series
Fall 2023
Virtual Readiness Series

The Boss in You- Readiness Series: (Career and Leadership): This program is targeted to juniors and seniors who want to strengthen their skill set and prepare them for life after college.

2023 Halloween Fashion Show
Fall 2023
Halloween Fashion Show

Show off your best Halloween costume at the annual CSIL Halloween Fashion Show!

Air it Out: Air it Out tackles diversity topics displayed in movies and tv shows. Students get to discuss stereotypes and other issues displayed on screen and how this impacts our perceptions and biases we have against each other.

Celebratory Days: Who comes up with National Hot Dog Day? Not us, that's for sure - but that doesn't stop us from celebrating it! Every semester, we pick silly celebratory days to commemorate, and they're all free to John Jay students. These one-off events are the easiest way to create a community on campus.

CSIL Awards: Every Spring, we recognize our student leaders during our annual CSIL Awards for all of the hard work they put forth during the academic year. We also welcome in the new student executives, and give new and old a chance to connect and network.

Gaypril: Every April we celebrate Gaypril along with our LGBTQ+ Resource Center: an entire month dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community at John Jay and abroad. Events include Gay Bingo, LGBTQ social circles, and sometimes even full drag shows! Collaborators include the Wellness Center, the Womxn's Center for Gender Justice, and the LBGTQ+ & Allies club.

Heritage Months: Latinx Heritage Month, Womxn's Herstory Month, APIDA Heritage Month, Black History Month, and more! We strive to celebrate all walks of life within the office with our heritage month programming as an effort to support the wonderful diversity that our students' cultures have to offer.

Involvement Fair: The Involvement Fair provides first-year, transfer, and returning students an opportunity to join student organizations at John Jay. Students get to meet with and talk with student executives about their plans for the semester, as well as when their events are being planned and how to get involved. We offer this at the beginning of both the Fall and the Spring!

Jay-Fit: Jay-Fit is a passport wellness program that encourages students to stay active and eat well. We offer free fitness classes including circuit training, Zumba, biking, kickboxing, and so many more!

LIDS Symposium: LIDS is an off-campus, weekend retreat experience tailored to John Jay students who wish to expand their already-growing leadership skills and qualities. LIDS focuses on four pillars including leadership, integrity, diversity and service.

Trailblazers Leadership: Trailblazers allows students a chance to explore and learn more about their leadership style and skills through a variety of different workshops and hands-on activities. Students will be able to learn the importance of leadership and the different ways to be a leader on and off-campus. Students will also have an opportunity to learn leadership theory and leadership styles through workshop format and group discussion.

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