Jobs at John Jay

Student Employment at John Jay College

There are lots of ways that you can earn some money while being a student at John Jay College.  To help you make sense of your options, the Center for Career & Professional Development has put together this list of various opportunities to get involved on campus AND earn some cash!  And, if you are trying to decide between working on campus and working off campus – we ALWAYS recommend working on campus.  Why?  Because on-campus employers are more likely to be flexible with your student schedule, will help you identify projects that could connect to your future career interests, and can assist you navigating the College as a student.

Federal Work Study

Do you have a Federal Work Study award through your financial aid package?  Federal Work Study allows you to work in any office on campus and get paid.  When you are looking for offices to work in, consider working in a department that can assist you in other ways (like Academic Advising, the Library, or even the Career Center!).  Check out the Office of Financial Aid’s website to learn more about this program.  And, if you didn’t request Federal Work Study on your Free Application for Federal Study Aid (FAFSA) this year, make sure you do in future years!

Peer Leadership Programs

Lots of offices at John Jay College have developed peer leadership programs where students can apply, be selected, and then trained to engage other students in learning more about various topics.  Each of these programs will have its own selection process and timeline, so you should contact the office for more information!  And yes, each of these pays!

Funded Internship Programs

John Jay College has several programs where we will literally pay you to do an internship.  Why do we do this?  Because we know that internships are key to your success after graduation AND because we know that some students must work for pay to support themselves in college.  Here are a few of the programs you should look for:

  • JFEW John Jay Summer Scholars Program – This program will fund summer internships for rising sophomores. Students work full-time (35 hours) over 8 weeks in the summer and receive a $3,734 award that covers tuition for a 3-credit course, transportation, and a stipend. Application deadline will fall in early 2016.  Watch John Jay Careers Online for more information.
  • Vera Fellowship Program – This is a collaborative project between John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the Vera Institute of Justice, and Vera’s spinoff agencies. The program provides a unique internship and academic experience for outstanding undergraduate students at John Jay College who have a demonstrated commitment to social justice and public service.  The Fellows receive 6 academic credits (3 per semester) and a $3,000 stipend ($1,500 per semester) for their commitment and service in the program.  Deadline is typically in mid-March.
  • Pinkerton Fellowship Initiative -  The Pinkerton Fellowship Initiative is a collaboration between the Pinkerton Foundation and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to contribute to the development of the youth justice community in New York City. Under the auspices of the Prisoner Reentry Institute and in partnership with the Research and Evaluation Center, the program supports the operational and research capacity of participating nonprofit community-based organizations while contributing to the development of talented students who are equipped to assume positions of responsibility in the youth justice field.  Options for both undergraduate and graduate students!
  • Art & Justice Fellows Program - The John Jay Art & Justice Fellows Program combines rigorous academic and fine arts experience, faculty mentorship, and professional arts internships for a select group of upper-level students. Students in the program will intern with select art galleries, artists’ studios, museums, and arts institutions which promote positive social change through the visual arts. Fellows will receive 06 academic credits and a $2,000 stipend for their commitment and service in the program.  See Prof. Calirman for more information. 
  • Siegel Fellowship - The Siegel Fellowship is an academic program designed to teach best practices in public and strategic communications. This five-semester program focuses on communication competencies such as effective writing and creative message analysis and design, which are essential for working in sectors that use public relations, marketing, advertising, persuasion, and mass campaigns. The program immerses fellows in the world of strategic thinking and teaches them how to improve communication within and between organizations and their audiences.  Siegel Fellows receive a $3000 scholarship, an iPad, priority registration each semester, and access to the Fellows Advisor.
  • MPA Fieldwork Tuition Waivers – Each semester, the Differential Tuition program offers several tuition waivers for students enrolled in PAD 780, Fieldwork in Public Administration.  For more information, please contact Associate Director & MPA Career Advisor Jovanny Suriel. 

College Assistants

There is a class of employees at John Jay College called College Assistants.  These are part-time staff, who generally do not work more than 20 hours per week, and are paid generally between $10 and $20 per hour.  These positions are rarely posted – but when they are, they might be found on the College’s website or on John Jay Careers Online.  You may also consider asking about these positions in any department where you think you might like to work – you never know if they have something open!

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the information on this page!  We will make sure you get to the right person!