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The Center for Career & Professional Development at John Jay looks forward to partnering with you as you explore, engage and recruit the best talent at John Jay from interns to full-time hires and everything in between. We are excited to share with you a summary of the current and new menu of services and resources we are offering to benefit and support our employers as they partner with us.

About Us

John Jay College of Criminal Justice of The City University of New York (CUNY) is a liberal arts college dedicated to education, research and service. Our faculty possesses expertise in a range of academic disciplines—from the arts and humanities to the natural sciences and social sciences. The breadth and diversity of scholarship at the College reflect our continuing commitment to innovative analyses, interdisciplinary approaches and global perspectives. 
The College offers its students a curriculum that balances the arts, sciences and humanities with professional studies. Our graduates and alumni possess intellectual acuity, moral commitment and professional competence. Our students, alumni and faculty aspire to the highest ideals of citizenship and service.

Report a Hire

At CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, success is a tradition and we like to hear about the career accomplishments of our students. If you are an employer who has recently hired a John Jay student or alumni, please take a moment to complete this form. In addition to celebrating career achievements, this information also helps us to identify successful recruiting practices so we can better serve the students and employers that we work with. 

On-Campus Recruitment

 OCR requests can be made through John Jay Careers Online. We offer virtual and in-person options!

Information Sessions 

We encourage employers to host an information session to launch your recruitment efforts at John Jay. Employer Information sessions and presentations can greatly enhance your on-campus recruitment effort. Sessions early on in the semester raise student knowledge and awareness about your organization, thereby increasing the number of resumes submitted and candidates interested in your organization’s employment opportunities. All sessions require advance scheduling and preparation. Employers may request an information session directly through your John Jay Careers Online employer account.

Tabling Events 

Tabling is a great way to increase visibility, develop brand recognition and raise awareness about opportunities with your organization. The best days to conduct tabling events are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9:30am-5pm throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Interview Rooms 

The on-campus recruitment program invites organizations to interview John Jay Undergraduate & Graduate students and alumni in our on-site interview rooms. Conducting on-campus interviews is a key service and resource in achieving a strong presence on campus. All on-campus interviewing require advance scheduling and preparation, and employers can request on-campus interview (OCI) directly through your John Jay Careers Online employer account. On-campus interviews can take place on-campus Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9:30am - 5pm in the fall and spring semesters. 


  • Spring 2024 Career + Internship Fair – 02/29/2024 (employers only)
  • Fall 2024 Career + Internship Fair – TBD (employers only)
  • Graduate & Professional School Fair - TBD (admissions recruiters)

All requests submitted through John Jay Career Online are time and date-stamped and are determined based on a first-come, first serve basis and fit with the campus. Dates and space fill up quickly so we encourage all employers to submit their requests early. 

Building Your Brand 


We offer sponsorship packages at various levels. To find the package that fits your needs, click here! To move forward, email Kristina Simonsen, at

We are looking forward to working with all of you and developing the full potential of your recruitment relationship with John Jay.

For more information contact Kristina Simonsen, at