Winter Study Abroad Programs


John Jay College Winter Session Programs*

CUBA (suspended for January 2023)
The Cuban Revolution: Social Justice, Race, & Emigration

MEXICO (suspended for January 2023)
Quintana Roo
The Maya Zone: Indigenous Latin America

Cape Town
The Culture of Race, Resistance & Revolution in South Africa, Then & Now 

*JJC Winter Programs list, including new programs, will be updated by September

John Jay Partner Programs

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API: Spanish Language and Cuban Culture

API: Czech History

API: Universite Grenoble Alpes Intensive French Language
API: Intensive French Language Studies at Institut Catholique de Paris

API: Cross Cultural Communication

API: Universidad Nebrija Madrid Spanish and Culture
API: Universidad de Salamanca Intensive Spanish Language

Winter Programs through Other CUNY Colleges

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CUNY January 2023 Programs:
Hunter College - Florence, Italy - Italian Renaissance
Hunter College - Amman, Jordan - Arabic Language

Queens College - Florence, Italy - Food, Culture & Society/Digital Photography/Italian Language
Queens College - Berlin, Germany - European Studies/Law, Society, Politics/German Language 
Queens College - Sydney, Australia - Cross-Cultural Management

City College - San Jose, Costa Rica - Marine Biology
City College - Thailand - Tropical Ecology & Conservation

College of Staten Island - Florence, Italy - Art and History/Italian Language
College of Staten Island - Galapagos & Quito, Ecuador - Biology and Darwin
College of Staten Island - Carribbean - Biology and Tropical Ecology
College of Staten Island - Morocco/Spain/France - Europe & the Islamic World
College of Staten Island - Italy/France/Spain - Wine, Gastronomy & Sustainability of the Mediterranean

Non-CUNY Winter Programs



Amsterdam, Netherlands - Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Popular Culture

Rome, Italy - Exploring Rome, the Birthplace of the Modern Museum

Dublin, Ireland - Transformational Leadership Across Cultures

Kyoto, Japan - Japanese Manga and Art

Legon, Ghana - Culture and Reproductive Health

Sydney, Australia - Development, Poverty, and Human Rights

Monteverde, Costa Rica - Sustainable Development for the Tropics

Paris, France - Paris College: History, Art, Architecture

Prague, Czech Republic - Social Psychology

Sevilla, Spain - Spanish Culture and Cuisine

Copenhagen, Denmark - Sociology: Study of Scandinavian Happiness

Yucatan, Mexico - Mayan History, Culture, and the Environment

Singapore - Culture and Cuisine in Singapore


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