Directions for Accessing Internet Resources for Classes

Online Course Access via Blackboard

Many class sections are conducted at least partially online.  The three main class types are:

  1. Sections delivered entirely via the Internet, FO – Fully Online
  2. Sections delivered partially via the Internet and partly in the   classroom, H – Hybrid
  3. Sections that meet entirely in the classroom but utilize the Internet for added interaction, W – Web-enhanced


Most classes will use a learning management system known as Blackboard.  If your course uses other online resources you will be informed by your instructor.

Access to Blackboard is through the CUNY Portal at  If you did not create a Portal account when you applied to the college you will need to create an account here. If you have a Portal account from another CUNY campus, you should continue to use the same account.  If you are unsure of your CUNY Portal username or password use the Account and Password Reset link on the main Portal log in page to recover your username and reset your password. 

After you successfully log into the CUNY Portal you will be directed to the Citizen CUNY page, which allows you to access resources provided by the CUNY Central Office.  The link to Blackboard appears in the Applications / Resources module at the top of the left column.  Alternatively, once you create your Portal account you can also use the direct log in link for Blackboard on if you do not need to access other Portal services.

The CUNY Blackboard Resources site at contains up-to-date news and tutorials on using Blackboard.  Step-by-step instructions for creating a CUNY Portal account and accessing Blackboard can be found here.

If you need help using Blackboard contact the John Jay Online Blackboard Support Center at 212-484 -1197.  You can also email the Blackboard Support Center at (faculty and staff) or (students).