DRC Research Mini Grants

Research Mini-Grant Program

Since 1993, the City University of New York Dispute Resolution Consortium (CUNY DRC) Research Mini-Grant Program has been stimulating research and scholarly work in Dispute Resolution at CUNY, including monographs, working papers, publications, research grant proposals, and educational films.

Each year, the CUNY DRC Research Mini-Grant Program invites research grant proposals focusing on understanding and managing differences, particularly in culturally diverse urban settings. Proposals can involve theory building, quantitative, qualitative, or evaluative research. The CUNY DRC compiles and disseminates the research papers as part of the CUNY DRC Research Working Papers Series.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the City University of New York (CUNY) provide funding for the CUNY DRC to coordinate a university-wide effort in Dispute Resolution through research, theory building, curriculum development, faculty/staff development, technical assistance, and public service.

Contact mvolpe@jjay.cuny.edu with questions.