Mark McBeth
Professor Mark McBeth Receives 2024 Stonewall Service Award

English Professor Mark McBeth was honored with the 2024 Stonewall Service Award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), a constituent organization within the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). The award recognizes CCCC/NCTE members who have consistently worked to improve the experiences of sexual and gender minorities within the organization and the profession.

Here are some comments from the selection committee:

  • Dr. McBeth’s materials demonstrated a long-standing and abiding commitment to the field and to its members through extensive service on professional boards and organizations and through engaged one-to-one mentoring of queer scholars and their research/writing.
  • Dr. McBeth supports queer work by making sure our voices are heard and included and that the journals, books and conferences in our field do not ignore the contributions of queer scholars and theorists.
  • Many of Dr. McBeth’s recommenders note how engaged he is with supporting and mentoring other queer scholars over the years.

McBeth will be announced as the recipient of the award during the CCCC Awards Presentation on April 5 during the 2024 CCCC Annual Convention.

McBeth’s other awards include the John Jay College Distinguished Teaching Award, the CCCC Award for Excellence in Writing Programs and the Conference of Basic Writing National Award for Innovation in Basic Writing Curriculum. His recent scholarship includes Queer Literacies: Discourses & Discontents, “Queerying the First-Year Composition Student (and Teacher): A Democratizing Endeavor,” with Tara Pauliny, in Queer Landscapes: Mapping Space(s) of Praxis and Pedagogy and “An Apologia and a Way Forward: In Defense of the Lecturer Line in Writing Programs,” with Tim McCormack, in Contingency, Exploitation and Solidarity. He also co-edited the collection Literacy and Learning in Crisis: Emergent Teaching Through Emergencies with other CUNY faculty.