Gianni Gallimore '24
Gianni Gallimore ’24 Named Company Sergeant in NYPD Cadet Corps

Major: B.S. in Police Studies
Minor: Theater
Mentors: Jennifer Hernandez-Khan, Natalie Jordan, and Elton Beckett
Programs: APPLE Corps, John Jay Cheerleading Team, NYPD Cadet Corps
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Career Aspiration: NYPD Officer and Cadet Corps Instructor

“The NYPD Cadet Corps is an enriching internship experience that has given me a first-hand view of what working in the NYPD looks like,” says Gianni Gallimore ’24, a Bronx native whose dad immigrated from Jamaica and mom came to the U.S. from Antigua.I’m getting to work with police officers, lead cadets, and provide service to New York City communities.”

Why John Jay?
My dad and I attended an open house at John Jay and I fell in love with the campus. I liked that John Jay was right in the middle of New York City, and the environment at the College was unmatched. Every aspect of the College felt high-energy and welcoming. From the cheerleading team to the criminal justice courses, to the opportunities of building community at the College, John Jay was the perfect fit for me.

What drew you to a career in law enforcement?
While in high school, I did community service, working at a rehabilitation facility in the Bronx. It was there where I learned more about the public and what they’re going through just to survive. That’s when my desire to work in public service was born. I knew I wanted a job that would connect me to people across communities in the city, and I realized I could do that as an NYPD officer. Working for the NYPD would make it possible for me to serve and protect the public. When I saw Keechant Sewell ’99, a Black woman and John Jay alumna, rise through the ranks to become the first female commissioner in the NYPD, it made me even more passionate about joining the department. Seeing her success made me feel like anything was possible. She blazed a trail I am so proud to follow.

Gianni Gallimore (fourth from right) and NYPD cadets with former NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell
Gianni Gallimore (fourth from right) stands next to former
NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell ''99 and NYPD Cadets

How did you hear about the NYPD Cadet Corps and what made you want to apply?
APPLE Corps has a partnership with the Cadet Corps, and one of my classmates applied to the program. She told me about all the benefits such as tuition assistance, a paid salary, flexible work schedule, and promotional opportunities within the department. So, I signed up for an orientation and became really interested in the program.

NYPD Cadets 2024 Cohort
Gianni Gallimore (center) with fellow NYPD Cadets

What has the NYPD Cadet Corps experience been like?
It’s been an excellent opportunity. As a cadet, I do drills, perform inspections, and undergo physical training. I’m going out into the community, networking, and working at a precinct where I’m learning the radio calls, going over the patrol guide, and deepening my understanding of police procedures.

I’ve also seen the impact we can have on communities at different levels within the department. I started the cadet internship at the 50th Precinct in the Bronx where I worked alongside officers, supporting the intake of reports and inputting data. Then, I assisted with the work at the Cadet Corps office, and now I’m at One Police Plaza. Getting to experience the work done by the different departments and learning from professionals in the field has been an incredible experience.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of the cadet experience?
The moment I got promoted to company sergeant has been my proudest moment. There are 300 cadets in my cohort and only 13 company sergeants were selected. To be one of the 13 chosen felt amazing. I get to lead 25 cadets, support them on their journey, and act as a liaison between them and our supervisors. This is my first time leading and guiding people, and it has been affirming for the program leaders to see how hard I was working and choose me for an important leadership role.

How have your mentors at John Jay put you on the path to career success?
The APPLE Corps program and its staff embody what it means to be of service to your community. My APPLE Corps advisors Jennifer Hernandez-Khan and Natalie Jordan have been instrumental throughout my John Jay journey. During my freshman year, they made the transition to college easy and smooth. Since then, they’ve provided me with guidance, listened to me when I faced challenges, suggested classes for me to take, and helped me figure out how to use Blackboard at the height of the pandemic. They’ve also connected me to incredible internship, volunteer, and networking opportunities throughout the city—opportunities I wouldn’t know about had it not been for them. Their support has fortified my drive to work in public service and uplift others.

Professor Elton Beckett has also been essential to my success at John Jay and in the Cadet Corps. I took a communications/public speaking course with him that elevated my speaking ability to a new level. He taught me how to project my voice, enunciate my words, and convey a message to everyone in the room. When you’re speaking clearly, and know what you’re talking about, it’s such a boost of confidence. Effective communication is key to being a good leader. I’m applying his lessons in my everyday work with the cadets.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself working my way up the ranks in the NYPD. I would also love to be an instructor in the NYPD Cadet Corps program and give back to college students. As someone who has been in the Cadet Corps, I know how valuable and transformative this experience can be.