Fatima Moien
Fatima Moien ‘22 Honored on The View

Watch Fatima Moien ’22 as she was honored on The View with a Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation and a $10,000 ABC scholarship.


In celebration of Women's History Month and the legacy of Barbara Walters, The View honored Fatima Moein ’22 for her work as a female TV producer and storyteller.


After emigrating to the United States from Pakistan, Fatima struggled not only with the language barrier but also from post 9/11 anti-Muslim sentiment, as she was the only brown Muslim girl in her class. But with her mother’s diligent tutelage, Fatima began to excel at not only reading and writing, but also in storytelling.


As a John Jay undergraduate student, she was the editor of the student newspaper, The Sentinel and pursued a degree in criminal justice as her ultimate goal was a career with the FBI. “I wanted to go into law enforcement because I had seen what my parents had gone through—the injustices we faced—and I felt that law enforcement needed not only diversity but also representation.”


She graduated from John Jay with a criminal justice degree, but after the protests following the murder of George Floyd, Moein transitioned into broadcast journalism. “I see storytelling as a way of serving justice. Representation is so important. So, if I can pick up a camera to film, or write a story to show what it means to be Muslim in America, I want to do that.”


Today, Moein is a graduate student in journalism at Hofstra University, where she moderates the school’s public affairs show “Live from Studio A.” It was her work on that show that impressed officials at the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation.


Both this work and her talent for telling the stories of marginalized communities garnered her the Gracie Award, which honors women in journalism. With her parents beaming and crying beside her, Moein was also awarded a $10,000 scholarship funded by ABC.


Watch Fatima here.