Transforming Lives Through Philanthropy & Partnerships

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Our Mission
Fueling Generations of Justice Leaders

For nearly 60 years, John Jay College’s core mission of “educating for justice” remains inviolate. Anchored by more than 1,300 faculty members and inspired by a diversity of voices in our community of over 15,000 students, John Jay College empowers students to challenge the status quo, cultivate their passions for solving social problems, and become agents of change across industries. 

Opportunities to Transform Lives
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Architecting the Roadmap for Student Success

Philanthropic partnerships enable John Jay to architect a network of programs and services that advances academic achievement, cements graduation completion, and prepares our student scholars for competitive positions in post-graduate careers, professional schools, or graduate programs.

Supporting Student Success!
Our Impact
Philanthropy’s Integral Role in Student Success

We are unwaveringly invested in our fierce advocates for justice and provide them with technological and advising interventions, scholarships, fellowships, internships, experiential opportunities, and innovative college completion programs cementing academic achievement, creating curated support services, transforming lives, and advancing social and economic mobility.