Rob Hollander
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Linguistics, Graduate Center, CUNY


Professor Hollander has taught Autosegmental and Lexical Phonology at the CUNY Graduate Center, Neurolinguistics at NYU in the Masters Program in Speech Pathology, Cognitive Science & Linguistics at the Thomas Hunter Honors Program and The History of the English Language and The Structure of Modern English at Hunter College. He is active in urban planning, helping to coordinate the community planning process in Manhattan's Chinatown; is an active member of Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking Group and blogs regularly on and He has most recently been a guest speaker at Columbia's Masters Program in Urban Planning, a speaker and examiner in Columbia's Masters Program in Architecture, has addressed AltBank on zoning and lectured at the Historic Districts Council on the history of ghetto real estate and the history of the tenement.

Scholarly Work

"Architecture of the Jewish Ghetto" in Jews: a people's history of the Lower East Side vol.ii, Clayton Books:New York, 2012

Foreword, The Bowery: a history of grit, graft and grandeur, History Press:Charleston, SC, 2011

A Bowery Historical Exhibit at The Whole Foods Exhibition Space, Bowery & Houston, 2011

Foreword, Gangsters, murderers and weirdos of New York City's Lower East Side, History Press:Charleston, SC, 2009

Zoning for Dummies, online guide for New York citizens at

"Nouns as properties" CUNYForum, Journal of Linguistics, 1991

Research Summary

Gendered language

Cognitive bias

Urban policy