Phone number
Room number
NB 6.63.16

PhD Student, CUNY Graduate Center (Computer Science)

M.S., John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity)

B.A., New York University (Psychology)


JJC Affiliations
B. S. Computer Science and Information Security, M. S. Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, Center for Cybercrime Studies
Courses Taught

Current courses (Fall 2022)

CSCI 400 Capstone I

CSCI 412 Network Security and Forensics

FCM 708 Foundations for Digital Forensics and Security I

Previous courses

CSCI 171 Nature of Computers and Computation

CSCI271 Introduction to Computer Science

CSCI 272 Object-Oriented Programming

FCM 709 Foundations for Digital Forensics and Security II