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Assistant Professor
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NB 8.63.12

PhD 2002   Stony Brook University
MA 1996     Stony Brook University
BA 1987     Wesleyan University


Assistant Professor James DiGiovanna received his BA from Wesleyan University and his PhD from Stony Brook. His research focuses on questions of personhood and personal identity, the nature of understanding, and the status of fictional worlds. His fiction has appeared in Spork Press, Blue Moon Review and 20X18. He is also a seven-time winner of the Arizona Press Club Award, and two-time winner of the Arizona Newspaper Award, for his film criticism.

Scholarly Work


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Plants and Animals, ebook published by Proconsul Editions, April, 2012. (available in Kindle and iBooks formats.)

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Feature writer and chief film critic for Tucson Weekly


Research Summary

My current research focuses on the nature of personal identity. I'm especially concerned with what we value in our identity, how we assign responsibility across time, and the effects of technological enhancement on our identity and ethical character.