Lozano Arguelles
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Rutgers University (2020, Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition)
M.A.T., IUPUI (2014, Teaching Spanish)
B.A., Universidad de Salamanca (2011, Translation and Interpreting)


Cristina Lozano Argüelles is an Assistant Professor of interpreting and bilingualism at the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She investigates how monolinguals and bilinguals understand language and, in particular, the effects of interpreting experience on second language processing. She is currently working with undergraduate students and setting up her new eye-tracking lab on bilingualism and interpreting.

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Courses Taught

Courses taught

SPA 111 - Spanish for heritage speakers

SPA 231 - Interpreting I

SPA 333 - Interpreting II

Spanish, English, French, Asturian
Scholarly Work

Lozano-Argüelles, C., & Sagarra, N. (2021). Interpreting experience enhances the use of lexical stress and syllabic structure to predict L2 word endings. Applied Psycholinguistics, 1-23.

Lozano-Argüelles, C., Fernández Arroyo, L., Rodríguez, N., Durand López, E., Garrido Pozú, J., Markovits, J., . . . Casillas, J. (2021). CONCEPTUALLY CUED PERCEPTUAL CATEGORIZATION IN ADULT L2 LEARNERS. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 43(1), 204-219. doi:10.1017/S0272263120000273

Lozano-Argüelles, C., Sagarra, N., & Casillas, J.V. (2020). Slowly but surely: Interpreting facilitates L2 morphological anticipation based on suprasegmental and segmental information. Special issue “Interpreting: A Window to Bilingual Processing” (Eds. Yanping Dong and Ping Li). Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.

Lozano-Argüelles, C., Sagarra, N., & Casillas, J.V. (under review). Anticipation experience and working memory effects on L1 and L2 morphological prediction.