Appeal Process

If resident tuition is denied and the student subsequently files an appeal under the procedures described further below, the student is responsible for paying out-of-state tuition while the appeal is pending.

The colleges will not review any residency determination unless the request for the review is made in writing, and all required documentation is submitted on or before the last day of finals in the semester for which resident tuition is being sought. The colleges will not make residency determinations retroactively and will not issue refunds to students even in cases where they would have qualified for the resident rate if they had submitted timely documentation.

Any student who receives a negative residency determination must, at the same time, receive a copy of the University’s appeal procedures. If the student believes that he/she meets requirements for resident tuition, he or she may appeal by notifying the Registrar’s Office (or other designated college appeal office) within ten days of notification that he/she has been determined to be a non-resident. At that time, the student must submit a statement to the Registrar (or other designated official) indicating why he/she disagrees with the college’s decision.

Upon submission of an appeal, the student will be provided with a copy, stamped “received” and dated, or some other dated proof of the college’s receipt of the appeal. The Registrar (or other designated official) will submit the City University Residency Form, copies of all documentation provided by the student and any statement made by the student, along with the college’s determination and the reasons for the College’s determination, to the University’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, which will make a final determination regarding the student’s residency status.