NYPD Program Tuition Discounts & Academic Benefits

In addition to the NYPD Leadership Scholarship Program, students may also be eligible for the following tuition discounts and academic opportunities:

Tuition Waiver

Students may use this waiver to have their tuition expense waived for any one course outside the Leadership Program.  This waiver does not cover technology fees or textbook costs.  The student is responsible for the technology fess and textbook costs.  You may use the tuition waiver one time only as an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor's degree program OR as a graduate student enrolled in a master's degree program.

Eligibility: Active, Police Officer rankings.

Application: Click here to access the application.​  The completed form must be submitted to Jay Express.  Sending it to any other office may delay the process.

Tuition Deduction

Non-supervisory New York City Uniformed Members of Service may receive a $100 tuition deduction per semester, for courses outside of the NYPD Leadership Program. This deduction will be applied to the semester tuition balance.

Eligibility: Non-supervisory New York City Uniformed Members of Service pursuing their first bachelor's degree.

Application: Click here to access the Partial Tuition application. The completed form must be submitted to Jay Express. ​​ Students enrolled in NYPD Leadership courses are not required to submit the tuition deduction.

General Education Requirements Exemption 

Graduates of the DOC, FDNY and NYPD training academy that have earned at least 28 credits in liberal arts from John Jay College and/or from another education institution (other than the training academy), will be exempt from the CUNY Common Core portion of the College’s General Education program. Students will still need to complete six credits of the John Jay College Option (3 credits in the Justice Core 300-level and 3 credits in either the Learning from the Past or Communications categories) to complete their general education requirements.

Eligibility: Graduates of the DOC, FDNY, and NYPD training academy.

Application: Students may submit the application after all transcripts are evaluated and updated on the student's record.  Click here to access the General Education Waiver form. The completed form must be submitted to the Office of Testing and Evaluation at evaluations@jjay.cuny.edu.