Types of Study Abroad Programs

John Jay Faculty-led Programs

A faculty-led program consists of one or more John Jay faculty members taking a group of students abroad to study for a short period time, commonly between three to four weeks.  These programs generally take place during winter intersession or summer session I.  Past program locations include, Cuba, Netherlands, Tanzania, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, and Morocco.

CUNY Colleges’ Study Abroad Programs

Many CUNY colleges offer study abroad programs throughout the academic year. These programs consist of faculty-led programs, semester programs, or short-term summer or winter term programs.  For more information on the wide range of CUNY programs offered please visit the CUNY Study Abroad Program Directory.

Third-Party Provider Programs

In addition to the programs offered through John Jay College and The City University of New York, students may participate on programs outside the CUNY system.  Students are, however, encouraged to exhaust the list of John Jay and CUNY programs before pursuing a third-party program as these are often more expensive.  In addition, the Director of International Studies & Programs must give their permission to the student prior to the application.  These programs are referred to as third-party provider programs.  Third-party providers are nonprofit organizations or colleges and universities that have established relationships with various institutions abroad to organize and run programs for students enrolled in higher education across the United States.  The third-party and the institutions handle all logistics, including assistance with course registration and housing.

In many cases, a student takes courses at the local university while abroad, as well as courses designed specifically for the program participants.  Third-party providers often offer internships and service-learning programs for students.  They offer programs for the academic year, semester, summer and in some cases, winter term.

All programs are offered for college credit and a transcript from the third-party provider or institution abroad is received at the conclusion of the program. Information on third-party provider programs can be found at www.iiepassport.org.