Study Abroad Program Academic Policies


Any student wishing to study abroad on any program must meet with a study abroad adviser in the Office of International Studies & Program prior to starting any application process.  To apply to a study abroad program, students must be currently enrolled, matriculated students in good academic standing (2.5 or higher for JJC programs; GPA requirements for other JJC-sponsored and, non-JJC-sponsored programs may vary) and not have graduated before the program begins. Students will not ordinarily be admitted if they are currently on disciplinary probation.


All John Jay College students who want to participate in any CUNY or non-CUNY study-abroad program MUST file the JJC Study Abroad Registration Form before departure.  The Form cannot be filed retroactively.  Students who fail to file the Form before departure will not be eligible to transfer credits earned during the study-abroad program upon return.

After the student has been accepted into a Study Abroad Program, the student must follow these steps:

  1. Complete all the appropriate sections on the “STUDY ABROAD REGISTRATION FORM” (please see a study abroad adviser in the Office of International Studies & Programs to pick up the form).
  2. Attach a copy of the letter or e-mail of acceptance into the program
  3. Submit FORM with supporting documents to the Office of International Studies & Programs for approval
  4. Stop by the Financial Aid Office for a signature to verify the amount of aid available.  Even if the student is not currently on Federal aid, an officer must confirm her/his status.
  5. Take the form to the Registrar’s Office for final approval.
  6. After receiving all approvals:
    • WHITE copy stays with the Registrar
    • Return YELLOW copy to the Office of International Studies & Programs
    • PINK copy is for the student’s records

Please note: if a student is participating on a program through another CUNY college, s/he must also fill out an E-Permit on CUNYfirst.

For Visiting Students

A CUNY student should have an approval from her/his home college’s Study Abroad Office.  The student must register for course(s) with JJC Office of International Studies & Program advisers. The student must then confirm registration on CUNYfirst Account. The student must validate tuition bill at home college’s Bursar’s Office.

Non-CUNY students must register for course(s) with JJC Office of International Studies & Program advisers. You will need to file a non-degree application at our Admissions Office. (LINK)

Transfer Credit

All courses taken abroad must be pre-approved to guarantee transfer credit. Only courses in which a student receives a grade of a C or better will be transferred to the College.  

Type of Credit Approved By
Major Requirement Major Department Adviser
Minor Requirement Minor Department Adviser
JJC General Education Requirements Undergraduate Studies
Language Courses Undergraduate Studies
Elective Courses Undergraduate Studies
  1. To be awarded credit, courses must be passed with at least a C or its equivalent. Courses abroad cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.
  2. Students participating on non-CUNY programs will have the equivalent courses and credits transferred to their John Jay College transcript.  The equivalent  letter grade received on a non-CUNY study-abroad program will not be transferred.
  3. Credit cannot be transferred until the official transcript and the Study Abroad Evaluation Form are received and processed. It is the student’s responsibility to have a transcript sent to the Office of International Studies & Program at the end of the semester abroad.
  4. If the student had a course pre-approved for credit but determined to take another course in its stead, s/he must contact a JJC study abroad adviser to update the Study Abroad Registration Form.  This policy is applicable to semester programs and summer programs in which the student selects her/his own courses.
  5. At the end of term completed at the Host College, the student must request an official transcript to be sent directly to:

Haaren Hall, Suite 530
524 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019


  1. Students will pay the number of total credits indicated and approved on “STUDY ABROAD REGISTRATION FORM”
  2. All JJC students attending another CUNY college must pay all tuition and fees to the John Jay College Bursar’s Office.  The fees will reflect the number of credits or the number of hours (for certain courses) for which the student will register at the Host College.  If another party pays the student’s tuition s/he must receive a JJC bill containing Study Abroad courses. This bill must be validated at the Bursar’s Office.
  3. If the student is paying directly to a foreign institution the student will not pay tuition to JJC.
  4. After tuition is paid, all students must submit a paid and validated copy of tuition receipt.



Payment of the program deposit indicates the student understands and agrees to the Office of International Studies & Program’s payment and refund policies. Deposits are not refundable at any time after payment, even if the student withdraws from the program (for any reason).

Refund Policies

Payment of the program deposit indicates the student understands and agrees to the Office of International Studies & Program’s payment and refund policies.  Students who withdraw from a John Jay College program after confirming participation, but before the program begins, will lose the non-refundable deposit and any unrecoverable costs: students will be refunded 50 percent of program fees 30 days prior to the program start date, and 25 percent of program fees 14 days prior to the program start date. After the start of the program, no refunds will be provided, and the student is responsible for all program fees. If the program fee is not paid in full, there will be a hold placed on her/his CUNYfirst account.

For faculty-led programs, tuition refunds will be granted following the College’s policies.

College-based funders retain the right to recoup funds from the student account if the student does not follow rules of the CUNY Travel Waiver & Release Form, uses the funds for other purposes, or withdraws from the program. Students must understand that they are responsible for full payment of the amount owed to the department.