How to Study Abroad

Questions to Consider

Where can I study abroad?

There are study-abroad programs all over the world. John Jay College sponsors study-abroad programs to different locations each year, and many other CUNY colleges offer programs to various countries. Other colleges, universities, and third-party providers sponsor programs, too.. There are thousands of study-abroad programs to choose from.

How can I figure out which program is best for me?

The Office of International Studies & Programs will gladly advise you about study abroad opportunities. You can make an appointment through our webpage. You can also call us at 212-484-1390, or email Generally, however, students tend to get the most from study-abroad programs that:

  • complement or supplement their chosen course of study
  • allow them to begin or continue study of a foreign language
  • are in a country or part of the world that is of interest

How can I find information about study abroad programs?

The Office of International Studies & Programs (Haaren Hall, Suite 530) can provide you with information about John Jay programs on our webpage. You can find a directory of all CUNY study abroad programs here. And, the Institute of International Education provides a database of all study abroad programs at here.                                        

When can I study abroad?

Most students study abroad in their junior or senior year; some, however, study abroad during the second semester of their sophomore year. As for the time of year, there are study-abroad opportunities during the Winter Session, the Summer Session, for an entire semester, or academic year.

How much does it cost?

The cost of study abroad varies from program to program, depending on four factors: tuition, international airfare, the local cost of living, and program fees. (Program fees include such things as excursions, entrance fees, local travel, administrative fees, etc.). Generally, shorter programs are less expensive than longer ones, and costs range from about $3,500 to $8,000.

Is financial aid or scholarship available?

You should speak with the Financial Aid office about the transferability of your aid to a study-abroad program. Please see our Funding and Scholarships page for links to scholarships. For programs at least four weeks in length and semester long programs, there are two scholarships offered by the federal government: the Gilman and Boren Scholarships.

Who can I talk to about study abroad?

The Office of International Studies & Programs will be happy to talk to you about study abroad, whether you are just thinking about the possibility, need advice about a program or programs that have come to your attention, or want to apply for a particular program.

Make an appointment through our webpage or email us at with inquiries.