Become a Writing-Intensive-Certified Instructor

Requirements to Become a Writing-Intensive-Certified Instructor:

In order to be eligible to teach a WI course, a faculty member must complete the certification process. Faculty members will receive WI Certification by participating in eight (8) hours of faculty development workshops specifically designed for WI instructors. These faculty development workshops are provided by the college every semester and will be open both to full-time and part-time faculty. Once receiving this certification, fulfilling the criteria of WI courses, and teaching WI courses, The Dean of Undergraduate Studies will officially acknowledge this teaching and college service which should be included in Form C, tenure, and promotion materials.

By participating in these workshops, faculty members learn about the requirements and expectations for WI courses and they gain a variety of pedagogical techniques that aid them in developing their students’ advanced literacy skills, processes, and behaviors. Workshops may address teaching issues of syllabus and/or assignment development, use of technology in the classroom, information-gathering techniques, and responses to student writing, among other topics.

Introducing students to the array of reading and writing conventions of different disciplines makes them more flexible and supple writers; it also demonstrates to them the unique methods of knowledge making of each discipline, thus inviting them into a rich academic discourse community. Guiding students through these composing practices and getting them to fulfill writing expectations can often be difficult and perplexing, yet knowledge about the kinds of assignments and practices that are most effective is continually being updated, and research on effective pedagogy is ongoing. In these workshops, faculty members will learn innovative techniques to incorporate into their WI courses and be invited to reflect on the benefits and pitfalls of such practices. Consequently, not only will the students’ college literacy experience be enriched, but faculty will receive more satisfying student results.