Workshops & Webinars

The Department of Online Education and Support offers webinars for faculty on various topics related to achieving excellence in the online classroom. These fully online webinars are facilitated by DOES staff and most feature insights from a faculty co-host with expertise on the topic. Each webinar consists of the pedagogical “Why" as well as the practical “How”. At the end of each webinar, time is allotted for attendees to comment, share their views, and ask questions of all webinar presenters. These webinars are conveniently delivered online and are easily accessed from a desktop, phone, or tablet.

The DOES Blackboard Support Team hosts the "Blackboard How-To Webinar Series" every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.  Each session is a review of a specific functionality you need to build your Blackboard course site.  Check your email for an announcement and link to the weekly webinar.

If you are interested but unable to attend a webinar, a recording of the webinar and the webinar presentation are posted on this page: Blackboard How to Webinar Series.

Starting Strong Series

This series include webinars on alternative assessments, getting to know your blackboard course, getting to know your online students, opening your course and translating your on-campus course to distance learning.

  • Alternative Assessments
  • Getting to Know Your Blackboard Course
  • Getting to Know Your Online Students
  • Opening Your Blackboard Course
  • Translating On-Campus to Distance Learning

Digital Humanities Series

John Jay was awarded National Endowment for the Humanities grant funding through the Cares Act. Part of this funding was set aside to support the Humanities in supporting new projects, including the goal of moving more Humanities courses online. In addition to the Effective Practices in Online Teaching (EPOT) workshops offered over the summer of 2020, this Digital Humanities webinar series has been created to introduce educational tools to engage online students. The following topics are included in this series: 

  • Free Online Resources
  • PlayPosit
  • Slack
  • Voice Thread
  • Digication