Core faculty in the Psychology & Law Program currently include:

Fondacaro, Mark Juvenile Law, Law & Neuroscience, Criminal Responsibility, Policing, Procedural Justice, and Evidence-Based Reforms of the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

Hartwig, Maria Deception, Deception Making, Interviews/Interrogations

Kassin, Saul False Confessions and Interrogations

Kovera, Margaret Bull Psychology and Law; Social Psychology of Eyewitness Identification; Jury Decision Making

McWilliams, Kelly Child forensic interviewing; Child Testimony; Children's autobiographical memory development

Penrod, Steven Eyewitness Reliability; Jury Decision Making

Salfati, Gabrielle Offender Profiling and Behavioral Crime Scene Analysis; Homicide and Sexual Assaults, Behavioral Consistency and Linking Serial Crimes

Stone, Charles Autobiographical memory, collective memory, social aspects of memory, meta-cognitive judgments (e.g., confidence), decision-making within the judicial system, intergenerational transmission of both mundane and traumatic memories/events

Strange, Deryn Cognitive and social factors that influence memory in children and adults; including false autobiographical memories, memory distortions from the media, collective false memory and co-witness memory distortions.