Core Faculty

The multicultural and multilingual faculty for the International Crime and Justice Program come from a broad range of departments, including  Sociology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Law, Police Science, & Criminal Justice Administration, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, African American Studies and Latin American & Latino/a Studies. They have written highly regarded books, articles and reports on international issues; served as consultants to the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, USAID, DEA and other national and international organizations; obtained research funding from prestigious agencies; and received awards for their research and teaching.

Name, Dept., Title Degrees Areas of Expertise
Amy Adamczyk (Sociology) Full Professor PhD, Pennsylvania State University; MA, Graduate Center/ Queens College - CUNY Religion, deviance and crime, sociological theory, health
Alex Alexandrou (Security, Fire, & Emergency Management) Assistant Professor BA in Telecommunication, Youngstown State Univ.; MFA in TV Production, Brooklyn College; DPS in Computing Studies, Pace University Mobile forensics investigation, mobile devices vulnerabilities and threats, wireless networking and wireless vulnerabilities and exploits, security and privacy
George Andreopoulos (Political Science) Full Professor; Director, Center for International Human Rights BA, University of Chicago; LLB, Cambridge University; JD, University of Athens; PhD, Cambridge University International relations, international law and organizations, human rights
Jana Arsovska (Sociology) Associate Professor BA, American College of Thessaloniki; MA, PhD, Catholic University of Leuven Organized crime, corruption & state crime, Balkan studies, culture and crime
Rosemary Barberet (Sociology) Full Professor BA, Georgetown University, MA, University of Massachusetts, Ph.D., University of Maryland Comparative criminology, victimology, gender and crime, Spain/Europe.
Avram Bornstein (Anthropology) Full Professor BA, Beloit College, MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University Arab-Israeli conflict, community policing, police training, race relations, borders, political violence, political prisoners, social movements
Katarzyna Celinska (Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration) Associate Professor MA University of Warsaw (Law), PhD University of Utah, (Sociology) Violence prevention, program evaluation, impact of imprisonment on offenders and their families, women’s issues in criminal justice
Suray Duygulu (Sociology) Adjunct Assistant Professor MA, Kent University, MS, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, PhD, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Transnational Crime and Terrorism, Comparative Policing, Comparative Criminal Justice, Criminological Theory, Security and Civil Liberties
Marcia Esparza (Criminal Justice) Associate Professor; Director, Historical Memory Project BA, Hunter College, CUNY, Ph.D., The State University of New York at Albany Genocide, Transitional Justice (Truth Commissions, International Tribunals and Historical Memory) & Comparative Criminal Justice
Joshua Freilich (Criminal Justice) Full Professor PhD, MA, University at Albany, SUNY; JD, Brooklyn Law School Terrorism, bias crimes, school shootings, open source research, environmental criminology, crime prevention
Maria Haberfeld (Law, Police Science & Criminal Justice Administration) Full Professor BA, MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MPhil, PhD, The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY Comparative policing with emphasis on counter-terrorism, use of force and ethics, comparative criminal justice
Jay Hamilton (Economics) Assistant Professor BA, University of Redlands, MA, Ph.D. University of California, Riverside The nature of gift giving/sharing of illegal drugs & other non-monetary transactions; Fraud Waste, Abuse, & Corruption (FWAC) in government; and equity dimensions of criminal justice policy
Susan Kang (Political Science) Associate Professor BA, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign, PhD, University of Minnesota International relations, international organizations and law, and economic and social rights
Veronica Michel-Luviano (Political Science) Associate Professor BA, UNAM, MA, University of Minnesota, Ph.D., University of Minnesota Legal norms and institutions, norm diffusion, human rights, victims’ rights, legal mobilization/litigation, rule of law in transitional societies
Mangai Natarajan (Criminal Justice) Full Professor BS, MA, University of Madras, MA, Diploma in Indo-Japanese Studies, University of Madras, PhD, Rutgers University Crime prevention, domestic violence, women police, comparative criminology, international criminal justice and transnational organized crime; Asia/India
Gohar Petrossian (Criminal Justice) ICJ-MA Program Director; Associate Professor BA, Hartwick College, MA, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Ph.D., Rutgers University Wildlife crime, spatial and temporal patterns of crime, environmental criminology and opportunity theories, crime prevention, problem-oriented policing, quantitative methods
Peter Romaniuk (Political Science) Associate Professor BA, BA, LLB, University of Adelaide, AM, PhD, Brown University International security, terrorism and counter-terrorism, international organizations, sanctions.
Jennifer Rutledge (Political Science) Associate Professor BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD University of Minnesota Public policy, comparative politics, human rights and social policy in developing countries
Edward Snajdr (Anthropology) Associate Professor BA, Northwestern University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh Cultural analysis, political/legal anthropology, gender violence, ethnicity, environmentalism, nationalism, gentrification and urban redevelopment, geographic areas: East Europe, Central Asia, North America
Itai Sneh (History) Associate Professor BA, Hebrew University, Israel, LLB, MA, McGill University, PhD Columbia University Human rights, genocide, American legal history
Hung-En Sung (Criminal Justice) Full Professor Licentiate, Universidad de Belgrano; MA, Ph.D. University at Albany, Certificate in Intl. Relations, New York Univ. Drug abuse and its treatment, corrections, political corruption, policing, comparative criminal justice, and program evaluation
Adjunct Faculty
Name Degrees Areas of Expertise
Nora M. Cronin BA, Mary Washington College; J.D., St. John’s University School of Law Human trafficking, gender and the law, public policy
Craig A. Dudley Ph.D., Political Science, University of Botswana; M.S., Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy, National Defense University; M.A., Political Science, Washington State University; B.A., Political Science, Washington State University Intelligence, national security, transnational organized crime, illicit trafficking
Rebecca Hollender B.S. Biological Aspects of Conservation, B.S. Zoology, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A. Development Studies, Ph.D. in Public and Urban Policy, The New School for Public Engagement Environmental and development policy, sustainable development, climate change, environmental conservation, indigenous and grassroots social movements, and political theories of socioeconomic transformation
John F. Hussey B.A., Criminal Justice, Iona College; M.B.A., Finance, Manhattan College; M.PA., Human Resources, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; M.A., Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Ph.D., Criminal Justice, The City University of New York; MPhil, Criminal Justice, The City University of New York; M.S.S., Strategic Studies, United States Army War College Criminal justice, the court system, failed and fragile states, developing rule of law in failed and fragile states
Isa Karasioglu B.A. Criminal Justice, Turkish National Police Academy; M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology, Columbia University Politics of identity (ethnicity & nationalism), hegemony, anthropology of the Middle East and the Caucasus, radicalization, anthropology and crime
Jeffrey Locke B.A., University of Pennsylvania; J.D., Columbia University School of Law Investigations, sanction monitoring, white collar crimes, corruption, anti-money laundering, terrorism, war crimes, organized crime
David Marvelli B.A, Criminal Justice & Minor, English, John Jay College; M.S., Criminal Justice, Roger Williams Univ.; Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Rutgers University Transnational organized crime, organized crime, terrorism, national security policy
M. Victoria Pérez-Ríos Ph.D., Political Science, The Graduate Center-CUNY; J.D., Law School of Saragossa, Spain Accountability, counter-terrorism, civil rights
Jelena Pia-Comella M.A., International Political Economy and Development, Fordham University; B.A., Economics, Fribourg University, Switzerland Women’s rights; mass atrocities prevention; gender justice; gender, peace, and security; conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence.