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MPA-PPA Program (Campus & Online)


The MPA Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice equips future public servants with the knowledge, skills, and leadership experiences necessary for the advancement of integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, and justice in society and governance. The program celebrates the diversity of our students, including those underrepresented in the leadership of public service. 

Prospective Students

Embark on an enriching academic journey and unlock your full potential with the MPA-PPA program (MPA-PPA Campus / MPA-PPA Online). Join a community of passionate scholars, engage in coursework, and foster the experiences necessary to advance in public service. Your path to success begins here!

Current Students

Empowering excellence at every step. Explore our comprehensive suite of resources tailored for current graduate students. We're dedicated to enhancing your academic experience and fostering success. Elevate your journey with the support you deserve. 

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MPA-PPA Director: Professor Elaine Yi Lu
Degree Requirements:

Students enrolled in the Master of Public Administration Program in Public Policy and Administration are required to complete 42 course credits. Students can matriculate in the MPA-PPA Campus or the MPA-PPA Online programs.  


Students are advised to complete PAD 700 and the three other core foundation courses: PAD 702PAD 705 and PAD 715, within the first 15 credits of matriculation. Failure to complete program requirements or admission conditions on a timely basis may result in a student not being permitted to register for future classes without the explicit permission of the program director.


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MPA-PPA Student Advising

Fatima Pujols 
MPA-PPA Advisor


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MPA Program
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