Core Faculty

Full-Time Faculty
Bornstein Avram Anthropolgy Community Policing; Police Training; Race Relations; Israeli Palestinian Conflict; Borders; Political Violence; Political Prisoners; Social Movements My Profile
Browne-Marshall Gloria Law Police Science Race and the Law, Evidence, and Gender and Justice My Profile
Celinska Katarzyna Law Police Science Violence Prevention, Corrections and Gender My Profile
Cohen Shuki Psychology Psychology and Criminology My Profile
Freilich Josh Criminal Justice Causes of & Responses to Terrorism, Environmental Criminology, Measurement Issues My Profile
Garot Robert Sociology Deviance, Law and Society, Sociology of Education, and Sociology of Emotions My Profile
Gideon Lior Law Police Science Correctional treatment; rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders; program e valuation and as sessment; research methodology; survey methodology and statistical analysis My Profile
Grant Heath Law Police Science program evaluation, evidence-based policy, assessment, curriculum development, democratic policing, social crime prevention, school-based crime prevention, social-emotional learning, animal assisted interventions My Profile
Green David Sociology Interrelationship between crime, media, public opinion, punishment, and politics, often in a comparative perspective My Profile
Haberfeld Maria Law Police Science Policing with Emphasis on Comparative, Training, Leadership, Integrity and Ethics, Comparative Criminal Justice, Counter-Terrorism My Profile
Heffernan William Criminal Justice Constitution and criminal justice, justifications for punishment, criminal justice theory My Profile
Hermann Chris Law Police Science Crime analysis and crime mapping My Profile
Karmen Andrew Sociology Drug policy, Criminal justice reform, Crime victims My Profile
Kazemian Lila Sociology Life-course and Criminal Career Research, Desistance from Crime, Prisoner Reentry, Comparative Research My Profile
Kennedy David Criminal Justice Crime Prevention within Inner city gangs My Profile
Kenney Dennis Criminal Justice Policing in Conflict Settings. Transnational Crime. Police Problems My Profile
Koetzle Deborah Public Management Corrections, Drug Courts, Risk/Need Assessment, Program Evaluation My Profile
Kontos Louis Sociology Deviance, gangs, social movements, social and criminological theory My Profile
Lawton Brian Criminal Justice Crime and Place, Intersection of Health and Criminal Justice, GIS My Profile
Lovely Richard Sociology Cybercrime My Profile
Ma Yue Law Police Science Comparative study of law and criminal justice My Profile
Mellow Jeff Criminal Justice Correctional policy and practice, evaluation research, reentry and critical incident analysis in corrections My Profile
Moskos Peter Law Police Science Police patrol and crime prevention, drug violence, police culture, community policing, police/minority relations, qualitative methods My Profile
Natarajan Mangai Criminal Justice Criminological Theory, Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping, Cross-Cultural Studies in Criminal Justice, Drug Trafficking, Policing, Comparative Cross-Cultural Research, International Criminal Justice and Violence against Women My Profile
Petrossian Gohar Criminal Justice Environmental Criminology, Wildlife Crime, Problem-Oriented Policing, Spatial Analysis of Crime My Profile
Pezzella Frank Criminal Justice Criminology Theory; Environmental Criminology; Hate Crimes; Race and Crime; Research Methods My Profile
Pollini Joseph Law Police Science Hostage negotiation; major case investigation and management, including homicides, cold cases, kidnapping and gang violence; undercover operations My Profile
Pontell Henry Sociology Deviance and Social Control, White-Collar and Corporate Crime, Punishment and Criminal Justice System Capacity Issues, Financial and Health Care Fraud, Identity Theft, Comparative Criminology, and Cyber Crime My Profile
Romaniuk Peter Political Science Terrorism Studies My Profile
Shane Jon Law Police Science Police Policy and Practice, Violent Crime, and Situational Crime Prevention, Theoretical Interests include Routine Activities, Social Disorganization and Environmental Criminology My Profile
Sneh Itai History Global history of international human rights and justice; Spectrum of American history issues: presidential, diplomatic, political, constitutional, civil rights, legal, racial, ethnic, minority, and immigration; international law; terrorism; homeland security; genocide; Israel and the Middle East; Jewish (especially modern Eastern European) history My Profile
Sung Hung-en Criminal Justice Substance Abuse and Treatments, Political Corruption, Policing, Comparative Criminal Justice, and Program Evaluation My Profile
Terry Karen Criminal Justice Sexual Abuse, Victimization, Sex Offender Policy My Profile
Trimbur Lucia Sociology Race and Racisms, Gender, Urban Sociology and Inequality, The Sociology of Crime and Punishment, Sport Occupational Health, and Ethnographic Field Methods My Profile
Rajah-Mandery Valli Criminal Justice Intimate Partner Violence My Profile
West Valerie Criminal Justice Criminal Justice, Sociology of Punishment, Death Penalty, Inequality and Crime My Profile
Wolff Kevin Criminal Justice Spatial Patterning of Crime, Criminological Theory, Quantitative Methods and Juvenile Justice My Profile
Yu Sung-Suk Violet Criminal Justice Environmental Criminology, Correctional Health, Spatial Pattern Analysis, Crime Prevention My Profile
Boggiano Daniel Criminal Justice MA Policing, crime scene investigation My Profile
Coots Jeff Criminal Justice MA Public Health My Profile
Finkelstein Marni Anthropology Youth crime My Profile
Kroll Rainer Law Police Science Crime mapping My Profile
Laffey John Criminal Justice MA Criminal Justice policy and practice, policing My Profile
Newman Nathan Criminal Justice MA Civil law, public law, political economy My Profile
Petropoulos Nikolaos Center on Terrorism Terrorism My Profile
Rosen Mark Law Police Science Policing, Law My Profile
Sheikh Hammad Center on Terrorism Terrorism My Profile
Viola David Center on Terrorism Terrorism My Profile
Wynn Jennifer Criminal Justice MA Corrections and forensic psychology, death penalty My Profile
Barrett Jeanene Criminal Justice MA Policing My Profile

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program

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