Duolingo is a digital resource to help students learn a new language. It helps connect words with pictures as you hear the language spoken and practice your own pronunciation.

Below you will find the PDF link with the details on DuoLingo account set up and helpful tips.

Duolingo Flyer

DuoLingo is free to use for all users. You can access it through a computer browser or their smart phone app both on and off campus. The software provides features such as: reading, writing (typing), listening, and speaking. DuoLingo is based on a Game model with progress tracking, rewarding of badges for achievements, and star points to collect as you complete levels. This framework provides encouragement as you succeed and continued progress through the different levels.

You can access your free Duolingo account in the MLC computer lab, from your home computer, or mobile device. Please inquire with our front desk for more information.

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