Center Services, Resources, Rules & Policies

We highly recommend students communicate with MLC staff in advance to schedule placement exams, discuss inquiries, verify operation hours when planning to utilize services & resources in-person, etc. This is to prevent large gatherings at the front desk area. 


Monday – Thursday: In-person

  • 9am-5pm

Friday: Online/remote

  • 9am-5pm

Saturday: Online/remote

  • 9am-5pm

    Front desk student support, Placement Exam & Tutoring services, and other resources are provided in-person and online/virtually (via Zoom) based on our hybrid operation hours. 

    *Please note: 

    1. MLC’s operations and schedule are subject to change due to holidays, other schedule exceptions, etc.*
    2. Spaces in the MLC are primarily used for tutoring, placement exams, Duolingo, private study, computer & printing usage, professional staff developments, & events.

    What services and resources does the MLC offer?

    Small Group Tutoring:  Call, stop by, or log on to EAB Navigate to schedule tutoring appointments. Students will work with trained tutors who will provide them with constructive learning support for Arabic, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish.

    • The groups are very small:
      • In-person sessions are one-on-one
      • Online appointments are two students per session. The other student in the session is always taking the same course
    • Appointments last for one hour
    • We also offer thirty-minute sessions, which are always one-on-one
    • There is no limit to the number of tutoring sessions a student can have in a semester
      • However, students should plan ahead to get preferred days and times
    • Students may schedule up to 4 appointments in advance per subject
    • Appointments may be scheduled up to three weeks (21 days) in advance

    Walk-In Tutoring Support: Don't have a pre-scheduled appointment - walk-in and request to see a tutor. 

    • We highly recommend always scheduling tutoring appointments in advance. Walk-in tutoring is not always guaranteed.
    • This service cannot be utilized if the tutor’s session is full, or if they are tutoring a different language/level
    • Students scheduled for an appointment have a 15-minute grace period from the time the appointment begins before it can be used to help a student requesting walk-in support
    • If a student is taking a language course at another school but the same language is also offered at JJAY:
      • A tutor may not be able to assist them:
        • Tutors tutor and do not teach new material
        • The language and materials could be different level at the other school from the tutor's experience
          • Students have to provide a syllabus/materials to the tutor so they assess the content and the best way to proceed

    Language Plus (+): Students can also sign up for one-on-one sessions through our Language + program.

    • If a student is not satisfied with their first exam grade and want to improve their language skills
    • Sessions are a dedicated hour-long weekly appointment, and they are scheduled until the end of the semester

    Textbook Resources and Free Duolingo Access:  Students can check-out Textbooks to practice with language content during their tutoring session or for private study as well as work on Duolingo.

    • Textbooks:
      • Students must submit an ID to check-out a book.
      • IDs will be returned when the book is checked-in at the front desk
      • One ID per resource
      • No resource is allowed to be held overnight or over the weekend
      • All resources have to be returned the same day they are borrowed
    • Duolingo:
      • Students can request information on setting up a Duolingo account at the front desk
      • The software provides support in all of the languages offered at the college
      • It’s free and can be accessed off campus from any computer or smart device

    Language Placement Exam: Some students are required to take a placement exam in the language of their choice. They can complete a placement exam with the MLC.

    • The exam is designed to place students in a language level correlating with the level of their language proficiency
    • Note: the exam is required for Spanish and French (above 101 only), and for all the other languages above 101

    Computer Lab: Students can also utilize the MLC computer lab

    • Complete assignments, homework, study, check email, or print.
    • Utilize Duolingo as well

    Workshops:  Students can sign-up for these large group sessions offered around midterms and finals.

    • Workshops cover topics specific to language course syllabi
    • These sessions help students review what they have learned and allow them to practice their language skills with other students
    • Note: Workshops are designed to have students engage with their language skills in preparation for their midterms and finals
      • They are not a substitute for attending class or scheduling regular tutoring sessions throughout the semester
    • Sessions are virtual/online

    Window View:  The MLC has a large and captivating window view of the Hudson.

    • The view and sun light support our positive learning environment to help students relax and learn
    • Students should be actively engaged with course content, study goals and strategies, etc.
    • For course extra credit (if a professor has approved of in advance), students need to stay a minimum of 30 minutes or whatever time limit set by their instructor. 

    Tutoring, Engagement, & Receiving Extra Credit: Coming to tutoring means the student has to be engaged in the session with their learning. 

    • Engagement is a big part of improvement, maintenance, and success in any course
      • Students should be prepared with material, notes, questions, textbook content, videos, etc.
      • The more at student brings in, the more a tutor will have to work with as they establish a baseline of the student's current understanding and goals to set as they master the material
      • Even if a student is doing well in the course, we suggest still coming to the MLC to:
        • Review material to maintain their successful understanding of the language content
        • Work with a tutor to assess understanding, study strategies, and to set goals for upcoming material and course work
        • Work on their homework or study in the computer lab, etc. 
    • Tutoring:
      • We recommend students stay for the full hour of the session, but no less than 45 mins.
        • For half-hour sessions – the full 30 mins is required.
      • Students should be actively engaged with goal setting, course content, study strategies, etc.
    • Drop-in support for other services & resources: 
      • Extra credit (with professor approval) - students are required to stay for a minimum of 30 mins or whatever time limit set by their instructor

    Printing Visit Record

    • Students can request their visit record at the MLC be printed at the front desk. MLC staff do not sign anything.
    Tutoring & Duolingo and ePortfolio
    Arabic Chinese
    French German
    Italian Japanese
    Portuguese Spanish

    Supplements the language course offerings of the college to foster independent and self-guided learning through the use of tutoring and language learning technology with a focus on positive learning phycology.

    The Wellness Center at John Jay College offers a variety of services and resources to students in support of their wellbeing and success. 

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