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Math & Science Resource Center Proctoring Services for Make-up Exams


Exam proctoring for individual students taking make-up and repeat exams is available to all math and science instructors.  Before you submit a request for proctoring, please read the MSRC policy on exam proctoring, available as a PDF by clicking here.

Please note that in accordance with college policy, we do not proctor final exams.  



For your classes: 
Our computer lab features 30 workstations, a network printer, and projector.  If you would like to reserve the lab to teach a class session, please email MSRC@jjay.cuny.edu as far in advance as possible. 

For your software:  
The lab runs a variety of general and course-specific software.   If you would like to add additional course-specific software to the lab computers, please see email MSRC@jjay.cuny.edu to make arrangements.

Sharing Course Syllabi with the MSRC


To ensure we are best supporting your course and students, we are requesting course syllabi and any supplemental material our tutors can reference when working with students during tutoring sessions and workshops. The syllabi will help to inform all our tutors the topics being covered as well as the schedule/pacing during the semester. Please email your course material and syllabi a the beginning of the term. email: msrc@jjay.cuny.edu



Our library includes the required texts for the classes we cover as well as molecular models, calculators, and supplementary materials.  Instructors may also deposit materials for specific courses or groups of students such as exam keys, sample/past exams, DVDS of your lectures, etc.  This makes your materials available for students to check out whenever the center is open.  It also enables you to see how many students have used your materials, when, and how often.  Please see the center director to make arrangements to include special materials in our resource library.  For best results, please submit materials at least one full business day in advance of when you would like them to be available to students.

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