EPermit (Permit to Attend Other CUNYs)


CUNY students have the opportunity to apply for a permit to enroll for courses at other CUNY College while they keep their matriculated status at their Home College. Students approved to take an e-Permit course must follow the Host College Enrollment and Academic Standards policies and must get familiar with the Host College Academic Calendar.

E-permit applications can be submitted using the College Information System - CUNY First.

CUNY e-Permit Guidelines

Undergraduate and Graduate students may apply for an e-Permit and must follow CUNY wide policies and procedures and John Jay College bulletin/permit guidelines presented below:


E-Permit requests

E-permit requests are available at CUNY First. Enter into your CUNY First account and found:

CUNYFIRST MENU > Student Center > Academics a Other Academic-ePermit

E-Permit tuition

John Jay College students approved to visit other CUNY Colleges via e-Permit must pay their tuition at the Bursar’s Office of John Jay College (Home College).

CUNY Students visiting John Jay College (Host College) via an e-Permit must pay their tuition at their Home College.

e-Permit Enrollment Calendar

 Please refer to the Academic Calendar for e-permit registration deadline.


Important tips:

  • CUNY students visiting John Jay College must initiate an e-permit at their home college
  • John Jay College students applying for an e-permit request must complete their e-permit request via CUNY First going to: CUNY FIRST>STUDENT CENTER>ACADEMICS>COURSE HISTORY/ ePermit>Add a permit.
  • Epermit requests can be dropped/cancelled 5 days before classes begin at the Host and Home College as well. Any question related to an e-permit request please write to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Office of the Registrar – Epermit Unit at: epermit@jjay.cuny.edu


Dropping and canceling an e-Permit course

Students wishing to drop a CUNY e-Permit course without a financial penalty must:

  • First - drop the e-Permit course registered at the Host College FIVE days before classes begin at the Host Institution
  • Second - must cancel the e-Permit course application via CUNY First-Student Center-ePermit
  • Third – must verify if the e-Permit course has been cancelled successfully at the Host College and the Home College as well. Students must contact the e-Permit Coordinator at John Jay College (Home College) at: sscaldafferry@jjay.cuny.edu and epermit@jjay.cuny.edu for verification.


Grading and transferring e-Permit courses

The Office of the Registrar will retrieve ePermit courses for John Jay College students taking ePermit courses at other CUNY Colleges by the end of the of the term.

The students’ courses and their equivalent John Jay College courses will be evaluated, and the final grades will be posted on the students’ transcripts. Final grades for ePermit courses are factored into the students’ grade point average (GPA).

Students repeating a course under the e-permit program cannot benefit from the “F” policy.

Graduate Studies e-Permit Approval

CUNY students applying to take a graduate course via e-permit must submit their Home College electronic e-permit approval and a John Jay College Graduate Studies E-permit approval from the respective John Jay College Graduate Studies Advisor.

Graduate Studies E-permit form (for visitor students)

Graduate Studies Advisors directory is available at:  https://www.jjay.cuny.edu/graduate-program-directory

CUNYBA e-Permit Approval

John Jay College CUNYBA/BS students must submit a request for each e-Permit course via CUNY First. CUNYBA/BS e-permit requests are subjected to review and approval from the CUNY Baccalaureate Program.

CUNY e-Permit for Study Abroad Program

The City University of New York offers to their students a wide number of excellent programs to attend course overseas. Students interested in applying to these courses first must contact the Office of International Studies and ProgramsAfter, a Study Abroad Program course (STABD) is approved by the International Studies and Program Office then the students may apply for a CUNY ePermit by submitting a request in their CUNY First account.

CUNY e-Permit for ROTC/MSC courses

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) offers courses in leadership and military science (MSC) CUNY wide. MSC e-Permit courses are available for all students including entering freshmen and new transfer students. You must contact sscaldafferry@jjay.cuny.edu and epermit@jjay.cuny.edu for more information. 

CUNY e-Permit course transfer 

To transfer an e-permit course students must contact the e-permit coordination immediately after the Host College has posted final grades sending an  e-mail to: sscaldafferry@jjay.cuny.edu and epermit@jjay.cuny.edu 

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