Degree Works

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Degreeworks?

Degreeworks is a computerized degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to assist you and advisors in reviewing your degree progress. A Web-based program, Degreeworks reorganizes your transcript chronologically and categorically, easily identifying courses you have completed and what courses you still need in order to fulfill your degree requirements. Be advised that Degreeworks is not your academic transcript nor is it an official notification of completion of degree requirements.

What are the benefits of Degreeworks?

Degreeworks will help you:

  • Determine what JJC requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree.
  • Identify what requirements you have completed or in-progress.
  • View individual course grades and cumulative grade-point average (GPA).
  • Determine which courses you have taken or transferred, and which ones count as electives.
  • View transfer credits, waivers, and exemptions applied toward degree.
  • See how your coursework could be applied toward another major by using the What If feature.
  • Project grade performance using the GPA calculator.
  • Estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate.
  • Plan future course schedules utilizing the Planner option to see how your selections will affect the progress towards your degree.
  • Learn the prerequisites and corequisites for undergraduate courses by clicking on the course numbers.

How do I access Degreeworks?

Go to CUNY Portal login at If you do not have a CUNY portal account, follow the directions below to create one in order to access the DEGREEWORKS program on the site.

How do I create a CUNY Portal account?

  • Log on to the CUNY portal homepage at
  • Click on the Portal Log-in link in the left column.
  • Click on Create a New Account
  • On the New User Registration screen, select the option that best describes your affiliation with the college (student, faculty, etc.).
  • On the User Validation screen, enter your last name, Social Security number, and date of birth.
  • Click on Next, then confirm the information you entered by clicking Confirm.
  • You will now see a screen on which you can change your username, create a password, and enter an email address. Be sure to list an accurate email address since the CUNY help desk will use this address in case you forget your password. Write down your username and password and store it in a safe place. Once you have entered the needed information, click the Save tab.
  • Enter your username and password and click Log-in.
  • The My Page screen will open and you will be logged onto the CUNY portal.
  • Go ahead and select the Student Advisement/DegreeAudit (DegreeWorks) link.

Do I automatically graduate if everything is checked off in my audit? 

In order to graduate, you must apply for graduation via your CUNYFirst account. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to apply for graduation. For further information regarding when you should apply, academic status and your eligibility please refer to the “Apply for Graduation” information page.

  1. Log into your CUNYFirst account
  2. Go to Student Center
  3. Under Academics, click the "Other Academics" drop-down box near your class schedule.
  4. Click "Apply for Graduation."
  5. Make sure you are applying for the correct program 
  6. Select the term you want to apply for, then click continue
  7. After that click "Submit Application" 

If you don't see the application link on your CUNYfirst account, you might have holds or special circumstances preventing you from applying for graduation, please contact email the office of the registrar

*Please note: To apply for graduation, undergraduate students must have completed at least 105 credits and Graduate students must have completed at least 24 credits. Students who fail to file an application for their degree, will not be eligible to participate in the Commencement Ceremonies. In addition, all students who have filed for graduation must be CLEARED by the Registrar. Please check your email for any correspondence from the Registrar's Office.**

When should I look at my Degreeworks degree audit?

  • Anytime! Degreeworks is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from most networked computers.
  • Before meeting with an academic or major advisor, go to the Web and print out your audit.
  • Before registration, print out your audit and use it to plan your program for the semester.
  • After registration, confirm that the courses selected complete the requirements you still need. Please note that it will take 24 hours for changes to your class scheduled to be reflected on DegreeWorks.
  • View your audit after grades are posted.
  • Before you file for graduation, review your academic record.

When can I use my Degreeworks audit?

  • Reviewing your progress with an academic or major advisor.
  • Creating a list of questions to discuss with your advisor.
  • Identifying courses that need to be completed.
  • Selecting courses that meet your degree requirements.
  • Determining a projected graduation date.
  • Choosing a major.
  • Deciding whether to add a minor.

How is a Degreeworks audit different from a transcript? 

Degreeworks is not your academic transcript nor is it an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Changes made to your official JJC academic record will take at least 24 hours to be reflected in your Degreeworks audit report. This progress report does not supersede the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Catalog and/or amendments passed by the CUNY Board of Trustees. If you are receiving New York State Financial Aid (TAP), please review your courses and your choice of major with an advisor before submitting a change of major form.

How do I use "What If" planning in Degreeworks?

  • Click on the "What If" button.
  • Select the degree you are considering.
  • Select the catalog year that matches your first term enrollment at the College or the most current catalog year available.
  • Select the new major and corresponding catalog year.
  • You may select a minor and concentration as well.
  • Click the 'Process New' button.
  • Review carefully how your courses would count in this new major.
  • Discuss this new major with an academic counselor or a major advisor.
  • Decide if you want to change your major.
  • Follow JJC procedures to change a major via the J-Stop.